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I can’t stress to you how over social media drama I am. Before I became a blogger, getting onto social media was fun. I used it for what it’s meant for, to stay connected to the people I care about, and to stay in the loop on the things I geek out over. Now, it seems a lot of that has been lost to the blogging sea, and I rarely get to sit back and enjoy exploring things I’m really interested in. Until MrOwl!  A new FREE social platform that is a home for all your interests.


mr owl


MrOwl – The New Social Tool Everyone is Talking About


I know what you’re thinking, the world didn’t ask for another social platform and I totally feel you. I am hard to win over, but MrOwl got my attention when I went looking for the things I’m interested in. I just searched for “Game of Thrones” and viola! There I found a group of like-minded people sharing their photos and recommendations via links they’d found online.


My favorite part?


There’s no news feed drama! It’s just searching for things you like and enjoying it.


Once I caught on to how MrOwl worked, I was eager to share my latest article about Game of Thrones filming locations in Northern Ireland. It seemed timely leading up to the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 7 last Sunday, July 16th. Then I realized this was a social space for something much bigger like ALL of the Game of Thrones filming locations.


You see why this is so cool? You get customized content at your fingertips, collaborate on topics YOU love and join a community of REAL people who like the same things you do.


This is such a breath of fresh air for me. Seriously.


How MrOwl Works – A Walkthrough Using My MrOwl Profile


I started a profile just a few days ago called geeklifehappens. I created a branch called “The Filming Locations of Game of Thrones”. You can Sign Up too!


mr owl

mr owl


I created a description, added some photos and links, and then I created subtopics related to the main one: Winterfell, Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Malta and Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Dubrovnik.


mr owl


I added photos and links to these as well! Now my content is viewable. I even got a few followers already! I got so excited, I started a new branch called Nintendo. I’ll be adding to that one soon as well. Right now, it’s just photos of my Nintendo New York visit this year. If you have any suggestions, send me a chat on MrOwl and I’ll do my research!


PicMonkey Collage


MrOwl is a great space for geeks. You can search your fandoms and get streamlined results of content at your fingertips. You can join the fun! Download The MrOwl app to get started. Be sure to follow me and let me know you saw my blog post. I can’t wait to see what your MrOwl branches are going to look like!


Sign Up!

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  1. thanks for sharing! i will gonna download this app now right away..

    kelly reci / Reply
  2. Oh wow! How awesome is this app especially for people who would like to visit places where their fave shows usually shoot! It’s definitely an interesting app and I’d love to check it out too!

    Carol Cassara / Reply
  3. OMG I seriously think this app was made for me! I really need to check this out. One of my sads in life is that I don’t have nearly enough people to geek out with on a regular basis.

    nadaliebardo / Reply

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