3 Fun Jobs That Have Travel Opportunities

Are you the type of person that prefers jobs that have travel opportunities out of the state and sometimes out of the country? Not every job is suitable for frequent travel. Most are desk-bound and don’t offer travel opportunities other than office relocations to another branch when the situation permits. However, there are some other types of jobs that inherently offer the chance to travel from time to time.


Here Are a Few Jobs that Have Travel Opportunities

Pilot / Co-Pilot


The role of pilot or co-pilot (and that of a flight attendant too) represent one of the best ways to avoid staying in one city or town your whole life. Pilots and flight attendants get the opportunity to travel to foreign countries and stay in hotels near the airport until the return flight. Usually, this allows a day or two to explore the city, soak up the atmosphere and try the local cuisine before heading back on another flight. Discounted flights are also part of a typical package for extended trips as part of the annual vacation.


English Teacher


For people who enjoy teaching children a foreign language, teaching the English language abroad is an excellent way to travel and spend an extended time in a foreign country. Beyond staying in a single city and country to teach at a local school, there’s the opportunity to take treks and visit local areas of interest. Between semesters or at the end of a school year, it’s also possible to take other trips to neighboring countries too.


Typically, a degree is required, plus a TOEFL teaching certificate or something equivalent. It is not necessary to have a degree in English or the humanities, but it does help. More recently, younger teachers with less practical experience have become popular applicants with foreign schools because it’s felt that the younger teacher connects better with the students.


Movie producer


A movie producer is in charge of putting together a movie project from the initial idea right through to post-production. The role includes hiring the actors, organizing shooting locations and permits, and taking care of the editing and special effects too. A producer like Michael Palance will hire many different people to perform the different duties required to produce a film and release it in the movie theaters. Michael David Palance not only has experience as a producer of TV and film productions but has also previously worked as an actor, so he has a special insight that not all producers benefit from.


Depending on the issues that come up, it is often necessary for a producer to travel to meet people in different locations around the world, attend film festivals, and network extensively. A worldly outlook rather than a myopic one is required to socialize successfully in many different social situations.


For anyone with the flexibility to travel or who is willing to live some of the time in a foreign country, there are always opportunities to do so. It is best to try this while you’re still young and do not have the extra entanglements of a life-long partner and possibly young children to consider too. No matter what country you travel to, remember that you’ll need to have all the correct documents to ensure you have the right to work there. This includes your passport, insurance, PAN card seva and CV.

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