So You Want to be an Expat – The Best Tips for Finding Work Abroad

If you’ve decided to make your travels a permanent thing or you’re planning an expat, you might be thinking about trying to find work abroad. It can be difficult to find work when you’ve got little experience life overseas. But, it’s far from impossible. Here are some great tips to help you.


Find Work Abroad sp You Can Expat Anywhere


Work Online


Working online means you don’t need to worry about a language barrier. You could find work as a freelancer or for an online business, working with clients all over the world. Or, let’s face it, you could be a blogger! It won’t matter where you are as long as you’ve got a steady internet connection.


Start Your Own Business


Starting your own business is another great way of earning money while you are abroad. You will need at least some basic language skills and connections, but if you’ve got any talents that could be turned into a business, such as photography or baking, set up a website to showcase your skills and get started today.


Brush Up Your Skills


Taking an online course is a great idea when it comes to looking for work in a different country. It shows your knowledge and skills are up to date and that you are fully committed. One great option when it comes to higher education is an online MBA degree. An online MBA program from Norwich University would give you the business and administration skills needed to work anywhere in the world.


Tailor Your CV


You’ll obviously need to translate your CV, especially if you are handing them out in person. But, you should also make sure that you tailor them to any jobs you apply to instead of using one generic option. Read the job description before applying and spend some time making sure your CV displays the appropriate skills and experience prominently. You could also mention that you are looking for some experience abroad and the reasons why. Use your position to your advantage.


Make a Great First Impression


Wherever you are looking for work, first impressions are exceptionally important. Be sure to dress smartly and appear confident. Speak confidently and stand tall, even if you are a little unsure of the language.


Develop Language Skills


If you are planning to work abroad you will need to be able to speak some of the local language. But, instead of trying to learn everything, focus on the area you need for work. If you are applying to work in an office, be sure to know any admin terms, but if you are applying for jobs in kitchens, learn the words for ingredients and utensils.




Get to know people. Make some friends and ask them to introduce you. Also, try to join groups on social media. This is always a great way to make connections in a new area.


Whether this is going to be a long-term position or just something to see you through the summer, working abroad can be a great experience. You’ll gain first-hand knowledge of how a foreign business works and make some great connections, which could be invaluable to you in the future.


Have you found work abroad? Please share what you’re doing in the comments below!

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