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Every once in a while you burn the toast, get shampoo in your eyes, and the dog pees in the kitchen all before you’ve even taken the kids to school. It goes beyond the traditional “Mondays” and really just feels like you became the President-Elect of the Bad Mom’s Club. Well, if being in that club means I get to hang out with Kristen Bell and support an amazing cause, sign me up!


Bad Moms Christmas


Bad Moms 2 Omaze


As you may know, A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS, the much-anticipated sequel to BAD MOMS, starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn, is currently being filmed in Atlanta. To help celebrate mothers everywhere, the cast, crew and extras from A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS mall shoot were able to capture a group photo on set wearing their “MotherLover” t-shirts in support of Alliance of Moms. Alliance of Moms is an organization that helps young / teen moms. Kristen Bell is a huge advocate for the charity group and has been helping the sales of these t-shirts via a fundraiser on Omaze. So, in honor of all the bad moms out there (#BadMomSquad).


Whether you are a mom, you know a mom, or you have a mom, this shirt is a good fit for you and perfect for showing your momma-love- because everybody loves a mother somewhere. It also benefits the Alliance of Moms and their incredible work supporting and empowering teen moms in the foster care system. They create programs that educate young mothers so they can give their babies a healthier childhood than their own. May is National Foster Care Month, so join Kristen Bell and other motherlovers who’ll rock these tees to help raise awareness about this remarkable cause.


A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS will open in theaters nationwide on November 3, 2017

Bad Moms Christmas, Bad Moms 2 Omaze

Photo Credit: STXfilms/ Hilary Bronwyn Gayle


Check out the Bad Moms Christmas Mother’s Day video here:

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