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Am I the only one who’s dying to remodel this time of year? With the spring weather on my side, I can’t help but feel ambitious! That’s why Best Buy’s remodeling sales event is in perfect time. I mean, who doesn’t want to stretch their mula right? Check out these great appliances that suit every style and save.


Best Buy’s Remodeling Sales Event

  • Up to 30% Major Appliance Top Deals
  • Minimum Savings is 5%
  • Plus, get a free $100 gift card when you buy 2 Major Appliances totaling $1500 or more
  • To learn more about this great event go here.
  • Samsung Bundle & Save (ENDS 4/4) – Save an Additional 10% on select Samsung 4-piece Kitchen Packages.
  • To learn more on offer/disclaimer

I’ve always been a huge Samsung fan which makes the Best Buy remodeling sales event on Samsung appliances a big win for me. With top products like the Samsung refrigerator and freestanding gas convection range to save big on.


Check out these great items:


French Door Refrigerator – Black Stainless Steel.  sku 4278201


Remodeling Sales Event


I love the look of this refrigerator. It’s sleek and goes with every kitchen. I love that you can find your favorite foods with just a glance using the food showcase door. Energy efficient storage helps keep cool air in. FlexZone drawers keep foods fresh so you don’t waste.


Self-Cleaning Freestanding Gas Convection Range – Black Stainless Steel. Sku 9542043


Samsung Remodel Range


A great addition to any kitchen and in black stainless steel. Convection cooks with better results by distributing heat so dishes cook faster and more evenly.

Get to Best Buy now to save big on these awesome items and get your springtime remodeling in action!

Disclaimer – Offer valid: 12/1/16-4/4/17. Products must be purchased on same receipt to receive savings. Requires purchase of Samsung major appliances from the following categories: Refrigerators, Ranges, Wall Ovens, Cooktops, Dishwashers, Range Hoods, and Microwaves. Must include models from at least four different categories. Excludes Samsung Chef Collection models.

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  1. This is such a great event! These are huge deals, and the appliances are sharp.

  2. Great appliances! A great way to jazz up a kitchen!

  3. We will be remodeling our kitchen next year. I hope they have a sale then! I bet they will – Best Buy always has amazing prices! We plan to buy our new stuff there.

    fashionbeyondforty / Reply
  4. Best Buy always has such great sales events. I can’t help but stare in awe at that refrigerator! How beautiful!

    Lisa Favre / Reply
  5. These are nice. Best Buy is my go to store for anything electronics. I just bought a Samsung Fridge last year, and now I’m saving up for a new range.

    Dogvills / Reply
  6. I love when Best Buy has a sales event. I’ll have to check it out because I’m giving my apartment a spring makeover including appliances.

  7. We moved a few months ago and at the moment I don’t need to remodel. Hopefully, we can buy a new house soon. I love the stainless steel appliances.

    up run for life / Reply
  8. My poor kitchen needs an update badly! That french door refrigerator would be so amazing!

    Kelly (@KickingWKelly) / Reply
  9. These look wonderful! I love that refrigerator.

    Amanda / Reply
  10. We are having our kitchen done soon and this would be the perfect time to pop in and check them out so thank you!

    Sarah Bailey / Reply
  11. We just replaced all of our appliances and I’m still blown away by the noticeable difference in our energy bill! I knew theoretically they were more efficient but I wasn’t expecting a 10% or more difference every month.

    Gabriel Bregg / Reply
  12. I’ve been hearing about this sale and wish we had a Best Buy in our area. Even just for me to window shop. It’s a bit weird how much I love appliances.

    Tiffany Hathorn / Reply
  13. Best Buy always has great deals for anything thing. This evI ts amazing ad I would love to have this French door fridge. Thanks for shairng the event and the awesome kitchen appliances

    Rebecca Swenor / Reply
  14. Oooo so many fabulous appliances!!! I’m loving that refrigerator. I would love to see that in my kitchen

    The Trophy WifeStyle / Reply
  15. Awe, I would love to remodel my kitchen. Or at least get some new appliances that match and work properly.

    Tami @ ThisMomsDelight / Reply
  16. That refrigerator and the stove would look amazing at my kitchen. Mmmm maybe mother’s day present for me? I hope so

    Monica Y / Reply
  17. Best Buy always has the best deals! It sounds like now is a great time to make an appliance purchase.

    Marcie W. / Reply
  18. I love that refrigerator. We are actually in the market to purchase a new once since our’s is old and broken down.

    Chasity Lynn Boatman / Reply
  19. I am pretty sure they have these events yearly. I hope so because we are remodeling our kitchen next year if things work out as we plan.

    fashionbeyondforty / Reply
  20. What a beautiful kitchen. I wish my kitchen would look like that. I love shopping at Best Buy.

    OurFamilyWorld / Reply
  21. I am totally dying to remodel! I would love to get a new stove and that French door refrigerator. That is awesome! I will have to head to Best Buy!

    travel blogger / Reply
  22. Wow! It all looks so classy and elegant. I wish I could love all these appliances. I love it!

    Rose Ann Sales / Reply
  23. What a gorgeous kitchen! Best Buy has the best electronics/appliances! Love this!

    adriana / Reply
  24. I would love to remodel my kitchen and I love that Best Buy has such great deals on things!! Great post!!

    Ricci / Reply
  25. I think that fridge is so neat! To look inside and not even really open the door!

    Karissa WithOurBest / Reply
  26. I’ve heard about this and I think it’s awesome that Best Buy is doing this. It’s really nice that you’re sharing this with us too.

    Elizabeth O. / Reply
  27. These all look so beautiful. Can’t argue with how great those look in a kitchen. The way those doors on the fridge open is so cool.

  28. I love the fridge with the double storage door. My mom has been looking for a fridge like that.

    Befitting Style / Reply
  29. I would love to remodel my kitchen, but we aren’t there yet. I hope to do so some time next year. I want stainless and I want an ice maker on the front.

    mimicutelips / Reply
  30. This kitchen is amazing! That refrigerator would be so nice for my big family. The oven would be great too, my oven really needs to be replaced.

    sara lafountain / Reply
  31. I can’t wait to remodel my kitchen! These are some great deals!

    The Mad Mommy / Reply

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