Why Summer is the New Winter for Tourists Visiting Norway

It’s not surprising that Norway is usually considered a winter destination, with the breathtaking northern lights only usually seen at this time, and the glistening white paradise, blanketed in snow making it a veritable winter wonderland. But Norway has so much to offer visitors in summer; it might be time to rid it of its winter destination bias once and for all. When the flowers are in bloom, the waterfalls are flowing, the wildlife is active, and the temperatures are mild and pleasant, summer is the perfect time to visit Norway.


Check Out What Norway has to Offer


Cruiseship in the Geirangerfjord, West Norway

Cruiseship in the Geirangerfjord, West Norway, photo Fredrik Schenholm – Visitnorway.com


Hike the hills


Hiking in freezing temperatures can require some serious equipment in the winter, and the sharpness of the dry cold catching in your chest makes it not for the faint hearted. By contract, hiking in Norway in the summer is like a walk in the park. The temperatures are comfortably warm, especially in the south of the country, and the incredible landscape has thawed after winter, making hiking through the green and flowery valleys truly stunning. The hanging cliff at Trolltunga – literally meaning Troll’s Tongue – is one of the most picturesque parts of their landscape, and can only be accessed during the summer.


See the midnight sun


As you travel further north, the sun never seems to set throughout the summer. Once you reach the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun becomes a reality, and there is no night during the summer months. It’s quite a sight to behold! After the long, dark, winter, the people and plants of Norway really flourish with the warmer, brighter weather. There are even midnight concerts at the Arctic Cathedral in Tromso with orchestras and traditional Norwegian folk music, which are a must see.


Lovatnet/Lovannet Sogn and Fjordane, Norway

Lovatnet/Lovannet Sogn and Fjordane, photo Frithjof Fure – Visitnorway.com


Swim the blue waters


The still waters around the south of the country warm up to a comfortable swimming temperature in the summer, making an evening dip in the sea a perfect after-dinner calorie burner. Who’d have thought it, skinny dipping happily in the North Sea could be a summer pastime?


Fjord Cruise to Flam 4

There’s no shortage of beauty in Norway. Especially on this Fjord cruise to Flam.


Cruise the fjords

Cruising around the breathtaking scenery of the Norwegian fjords, surrounded by green valleys, blue sea, and exciting wildlife is one of those once in a lifetime trips for everyone’s bucket list. With tours of varying length, including day excursions, there’s sure to be something to suit everyone’s budget.


Viking Ship Museum Oslo

Viking Ship Museum, Oslo


Explore the Viking history

The country is built on the butch, mysterious history of the Viking people, who inhabited it over a millennium ago. Oslo has some fantastic museums based on the warfare and everyday lives of these people, which are perfect for all the family. See how a longboat was built, how the people lived, and even see some real archaeological remains.


Go whale watching

A boat trip in the midnight sun around Stø to see the whales as they feed in the plankton-rich waters in late spring and early summer truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There are many different types of whale, from minke to humpback, and you might even spot a few seals, and some pretty impressive seabirds too.


Norway in summer is almost a completely different destination to winter and offers so many fun and interesting opportunities, you’d be mad not to visit.


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