Make Your Honeymoon Memorable With These Top Destinations

A great holiday should be a carefully planned way ahead and this should be taken into consideration especially when it comes to planning perhaps the most important holiday of everyone’s life. After a newlywed couple settle down after the biggest day of their lives, it is customary and of great importance that they go for the honeymoon that they’ve always dreamt of.


We’ve come up with the top honeymoon destinations which will surely provide every couple with a great feeling of intimacy and romance offered by exotic and picturesque destinations from all around the world.


Top Honeymoon Destinations


French Polynesia


This group of islands can boast with being made of no more and no less than 118 islands which include top holiday destinations such as the Islands of Tahiti famous for their emerald waters and sandy beaches and the bustling island of Bora Bora.


french Polynesia

Photo by – Adam Reeder – CCL

Bear in mind that the famous Marlon Brando owned a private island in this archipelagos and it is now available for tourists. No matter where you and your significant other find yourselves, French Polynesia will always surprise you with to-die-for diving locations as well as beautiful scenery and a welcoming environment.




When it comes to an exotic destination, nothing yells exclusivity more than the famous group of islands with attractions such as Oahu’s Waikiki Beach as well as the ultimate waters to surf in, not to mention that there is an entire volcanic chain to be visited.



Photo by Dhilung Kirat CCL

No matter which type of fun you prefer, Hawaii has it all. From taking quiet strolls on pristine beaches in the morning to the bustling club scene during the night, Hawaii is a destination where everyone will enjoy their stay.


South Africa


South Africa has changed over the years and is not only referred to the place where you could see the top five predators on Earth but also an exquisite and rather exotic place where one could enjoy an extraordinary array of wines in Franschhoek or enjoy some fine dining in Cape Town.  


south africa

Photo by South African Tourism CCL

South Africa offers perhaps the complete package when it comes to a top honeymoon destination as it includes pristine beaches with a lot of interesting options to choose from, one of them being shark-cage diving as well as bungee jumping.

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