Top Winter Destinations for Families of All Ages

With ushering in of autumn comes the end of the summer holiday season. Families who enjoy traveling are now considering where they will go on their winter vacation. Here are a few top destinations for families of all ages.


Top Winter Destinations


Top Winter Destinations

Photo by James Marvin Phelps CCL

Las Vegas


While most people first think of casinos when they hear the word Vegas, the city is now one of the top places for families. Today’s casino resorts keep families in minds and have attractions for them to enjoy in order to attract a variety of visitors and not just those who play online. For instance, the Mirage Casino includes a manmade volcano, a Dolphin Habitat and a family friendly venue, Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden.


Top Winter Destinations

Photo by Moyan Brenn CCL

Paris, France


Home of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, Paris also has some points of interest specifically designed with children in mind. One of the best children’s museums. Le Cite des Enfants, is located here. The museum provides two different experiences for children based on their age.  


Top Winter Destinations

Photo by Moyan Brenn CCL

Tokyo, Japan


Kids love anime cartoons so why not plan a holiday around this interest. Tokyo is the birthplace of anime and has many different activities for families. Also, enjoy museums located in the city such as Tokyo Sea Life Park.


xcaret park

Playa del Carmen, Mexico


With its sunny location on the Mexican Caribbean, the sparkling sandy beaches can be enjoyed by families. Consider the ancient history here by exploring Mayan sites or visit a cultural theme park like Xcaret (in photo).


Top Winter Destinations

Photo by Art DiNo CCL

Lima, Peru


Ancient sites such as Machu Picchu provide families with a one of a kind experience. The city also includes many top art museums which appeal to families.  The Magic Water Circuit (Circuito Magico del Agua) is a group of 13 lighted fountains that vary in size. All are interactive for families. Don’t plan on staying dry at this point of interest!


When considering your winter holiday destination for 2016, these are just a few options with the whole world literally at your feet.

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