Winter Getaway – Check Out these Places to Visit in the Bahamas

With more than 700 hundred islands and cays, coral reefs, underwater caves, unspoiled coves, luxurious resorts and picture-perfect beaches, there are plenty of places to visit in the Bahamas. This incredible Caribbean destination has everything you need to enjoy a relaxing, adventurous, romantic and just simply magnificent vacation. Here are a few enclaves that I think you shouldn’t miss during your trip to this dazzling, infinitely blue, heavenly Caribbean spot.


Places to visit in the Bahamas

Photo Leonora Giovanazzi CCL

Places to Visit in the Bahamas


Thunderball Grotto


Do you remember Sean Connery in the role of James Bond during an underwater fight following a mythical scene with Domino on a pristine beach? That was The Bahamas and Thunderball Grotto and the film was – of course – Thunderball. This magnificent spot is unique to go snorkeling and its crystal clear warm waters make it a cozy and unforgettable experience. Add to the experience thousands of small colorful fish as you swim your way into the cave, before popping out into the mildly illuminated grotto, and there’s an image that you’ll probably never let go of.


Places to visit in the BahamasPhoto cdorobek CCL

The Thunderball Grotto is located in the Exuma Islands, which are also among the places you can’t miss during your stay in The Bahamas. Its pristine beaches and picture perfect tropical scenarios make them a favorite among celebrities, but there’s no need to be an A-lister to enjoy the laid-back experience of visiting this gorgeous corner of the globe.


Cabbage Beach


Places to visit in the Bahamas

Cabbage Beach Wikimedia Commons

Another experience that you must have while visiting the Bahamas is to watch the sunset at Cabbage Beach. This enclave, found in the northwestern part of Paradise Island, is also home to two of the most famous resorts in the area: the luxurious One & Only Ocean Club and the amazing Atlantis Resort, which recreates the mythical oceanic kingdom. If you head to the easternmost part of the beach, which is surrounded by rocks, you can enjoy a quiet and romantic moment, watch the sun go down, and then stay to see the magic moon come out.


Lucayan National Park


Places to visit in the Bahamas

Lucayan National Park Wikimedia Commons


If you feel like living an adventure while you’re in the Bahamas, then you should spend a day at the Lucayan National Park. Walk across its elevated walkways to see a spectacular mangrove forest, visit its hidden caves and discover their secrets while becoming acquainted with the fauna found on the island, which is also home to the tallest sand dunes in the area.


Great Inagua Island


Places to visit in the Bahamas

Great Iguana Island Wikimedia Commons


Imagine a single place in which you can see over 60,000 flamingos – home to the world’s largest colony of West Indian varietals – flying or just sitting still right in front of you. That is what the Inagua National Reserve offers visitors, who come looking for an extraordinary experience at this wildlife sanctuary located in the third largest island of the Bahamas. Don’t dare miss the opportunity to see such a special natural spectacle and take back home the memory of a lifetime. 


Places to visit in the Bahamas


The Bahamas offer so much more than this, but I’ve chosen to talk about some enchanting highlights these islands hold. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, The Bahamas are one of the most fascinating places in the world you’ll ever see.


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