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Puerto Vallarta, things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Why Puerto Vallarta – Southern Mexico’s Coastal Paradise

If you’re thinking Mexico, your plans should totally include Puerta Vallarta. It’s perfect for the traveler who is happy to escape the hustle and bustle of their daily grind. Situated on the Pacific coast, Puerta Vallarta is a destination that will appeal mostly to tourists who are looking for an adventurous type of vacation. And, it’s just an hour flight from Mexico City.


Puerto Vallarta, things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Things to do in Puerto Vallarta


An increasingly popular coastal resort for tourists, the small town Puerta Vallarta in southern Mexico, offers visitors many types of vacations. These range from cultural tours to biking or hiking tours. There are also many opportunities to explore Puerta Vallarta’s enchanting wildlife, including whale watching and helping to release baby turtles into the sea.


Luxury Puerta Vallarta sailing charters are also available and offer the chance to combine both sailing with admiring whales, dolphins, sea turtles and manta rays in the resort’s local waters. One of the highlights of getting up close to marine creatures is the friendliness and natural inquisitive nature of dolphins, as they will often swim up close to sailing boats. As well as sailing, there are chances to snorkel or swim in Puerta Vallarta’s Banderas Bay, which is the largest natural bay in Mexico.


To fully appreciate Puerta Vallarta a luxury vacation, you should plan to take in both the town’s culture and natural beauty. There are numerous different types of luxury tours and accommodation, with some of the most expensive hotels in the area costing up to around $150 per night.


Puerto Vallarta, things to do in Puerto Vallarta
Grand Velas Resort


Puerta Vallarta is an attractive area for celebrities, and scenes from several major films, including ‘Predator’ and ‘The Night of the Iguana’, have been filmed there.


Puerta Vallarta also offers the opportunity to take a sunset cruise, take lessons in how to surf, learn how to scuba dive, take a jeep safari, as well as go on a kayaking tour. Lovers of horse riding are also catered for.


Puerto Vallarta is the perfect location for a beach getaway. The island is home to dozens of world-class beaches, the sun shines on most days, and temperatures are warm all year round. The island’s many natural attractions and museums are also interesting and exciting to see.


Make sure to follow the advice given in this article to make the most of your holiday trips to Mexico.

Photo Longster47Chris Ford, featured Grand Velas Resort under CCL

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  1. how cold was the water & is it very rough? When I was in Cabo, I remember the water being so rough it was nearly impossible to swim unless you went offshore some.
    Also, I remember swimming in the Baja, near Rosarito and that water was FREEZING! Sorry I am a Gulf of Mexico boy…love my warm water!

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