Travel Tips How to Not Stand Out When You Travel Abroad

Planning to travel abroad is always a fun and exciting time. But there are some things to take into consideration when preparing for your upcoming trip to help protect yourself from individuals that may have bad intentions, such as thieves and pick-pockets. Taking precautions in advance to not stand out or draw unwarranted attention to yourself may help you to avoid setbacks while exploring different places and cultures.

How Not to Stand Out When You Travel Abroad

Avoid All the Gadgets

It might sound like a great idea to bring along your brand new iPad or Kindle when you travel abroad, but you may want to reconsider. Newer technologies are shiny and appealing to grabby hands while traveling. If you don’t already stand out in a crowd, your expensive gadgets will. If you are one to travel with reading material, opt for a good old-fashioned book instead of your newest reading device. You won’t be as heartbroken if a paperback book goes missing, but you sure will be missing your iPad. If you are an avid picture taker, consider investing in upgrading your smartphone to one with a better camera, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its 12 MP camera. Phones are easier to stow away than a high-end camera with a massive lens attached to it. After all, it’s about making the memories, not capturing them frame by frame.

Don’t Dress to Impress

While travel abroad, consider toning down your color scheme. Just like animals in the wild, you want to attempt to blend into your environment. Earth-toned pants are likely to draw less attention to you than a pair of neon Bermuda shorts will. The same goes for flashy jewelry; it is best to leave it at home. If you are visiting a culture that doesn’t wear western dress, you may consider going to the local market and purchasing some clothing options that would help you to better adapt to your surroundings. The new clothing items are a great thing to bring back home with you and will work to your benefit while you are exploring their lands. For example, in Indonesia, you will not be permitted into most temples and holy places without a sarong wrapped around your lower body. Attempting to enter sacred and holy places without the proper attire is both insulting and disrespectful. Do your research before attempting to visit such places.

Mind Your Table Manners

Many countries have their own distinct table and dining customs. Such as not eating with your left hand in India or the use of chopsticks in many Asian countries. You do not want to offend anyone that may welcome you into their home and appear to be an ignorant when eating at local restaurants. If you are clearly a tourist at some local restaurants (especially in countries where you do not speak the language), you run the risk of being overcharged or mistreated by those serving you. Learn to say ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ upon arriving in any country where they speak a language other than your own. You will be thankful when you run into situations where you may appear like a foolish tourist. A traveling tip to take with you when you travel abroad or anywhere: bring along your favorite hot sauce or condiment. It’ll be like bringing a little piece of home wherever you go!

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