One More Thing Women Have to Deal with That Men Don’t

Hello all my post baby ladies, how’s the vag doing these days? Something a little off? Maybe sex hasn’t been as juicy as it used to be? You’re so not alone. I mean seriously, you catapulted a mini human through that thing, did you think it was going to be all honky dory afterwards? What if I told you there was a solution to a seriously common post baby vajayjay issue? Like of the crotchal desert variety? Yeah I mean (cough) dry vagina.

I mean really though, dry vagina is seriously nothing compared to what that thing could finish with. Cause from where I was laying during labor, I wouldn’t have been surprised if that thing turned out looking like something off the Walking Dead. So dry vagina? It’s manageable. Zombie Apocalypse vagina, not so much.

Dry Vagina the Pain is Real

How lame is it when you finally nail down some sexy time, you’re going at it strong, then boom, dry vagina. Like wait a damn minute, this should not be happening right? But it does happen, and it happens to a lot of women after childbirth.

But you don’t have to hang up the party hat just yet (or the naked Twister). I am super stoked to tell you about an actual real solution to the dry vagina nightmare. I never would have known it even existed until Vagasil contacted me to write an article on the sheknows Network. They make a product designed to treat the actual problem, on the long-term.

Um, can we say “goodbye desert vag and hello sexy time marathon!”?

Of course with all my sponsors, I review the material and the product so I’m 100% positive I will back the endorsement. I spent a good deal of time researching the problem and learning about the solution Vagasil offers (which I go into great detail in my article on this). When I learned that Vagasil had a solution I was seriously shocked, happy and felt a little silly that I didn’t already know about it.

Let’s just say this was a game changer, for the win… Current status, feeling like a rock star.

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