Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016 – From a Newbies Eyes

I am about to admit something that may shock and surprise you: I had never been to a Con before. And that all changed when I went to Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and lucky for me I had some badass company to help guide me. I learned about the inside world of independent publishing and a group of authors who are fighting the good sci-fi fight while also getting to see some amazing artist booths and exploring the expo.

Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016

I would be lying to you if I said that I wasn’t at some point overwhelmed in my ComicCon adventures. The good news is that most of that overwhelm came from the sweltering Florida heat as we walked from our car to the convention center. Now, I may be new to the Comic Con world but as a formal event planner I am no stranger to Cons (in a more conventional sense, but Cons none the less!) Overall, I thought the event was great. In the whole weekend adventure there was only one time where I thought to myself “holy shit there are so many people in this hallway right now!” which considering that tens of thousands of people visit over the 3-day event is quite an accomplishment.


My favorite part HANDS DOWN was seeing all the cosplay. It is so awesome to see so much dedication and talent go into some of these costumes. Some of them I couldn’t begin to tell you what they were from, but all of them had so much heart and soul put into the execution that you have to stop and appreciate the hard work. And don’t forget that its Florida people, so committing to a costume that requires multiple layers, make-up, non cotton materials, or any wig demands respect and admiration because you know its adding a good 20 degrees to your day.

Panels and Celebrities

When I first heard I would be going to Comic Con with The Fairytale Traveler team, I immediately started to do my research. I was beyond excited that Jenna Coleman was one of the panelists and while she did an ace job and so did many of the other big name celebrities, I realized that the smaller panels where actually my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, hearing Jack Gleeson do a line from Game of Thrones in a “Bad guy/Good guy” way was awesome! But the smaller Q & A’s are more intimate, so you feel closer to the speakers and its more like a group of friends hanging around have a conversation, less celebrity/fan moment.

I would also like to take this time to talk about how awesome Jack Gleeson is! For someone who has become famous for playing such an easily hate-able character he was as lovely as can be. Even when the audience threw him some hard ball questions, he answered them with personality and poise.


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