Deadpool Varsity Jacket Review – Because Deadpool is Rad AF

If you haven’t seen Deadpool or worse heard of him, you should crawl back into your cave and slip back into your coma. For those of you who know that Deadpool is awesome AF, then this is for you. The Deadpool varsity jacket will be well received.


Deadpool Varsity, Christa Thompson


Deadpool Varsity Jacket Review


First off, the Deadpool Varsity Jacket is light enough to be worn in the fall or early spring and still heavy enough to be layered in the winter. So, it’s winning three seasons out of the year. It’s super soft and cozy on the inside, like something you can wear around the house even (made with polyester and cotton).


Deadpool Varsity


You can totally take this boy out for a spin to theater premiere nights, Comic Cons and pretty much anywhere you want to show your Deadpool love.


Deadpool Varsity

I love the classic look of this jacket. It’s something you can wear with any street style. I would opt for black leggings or stretch jeans with holes in them, a white solid T or tank and black and white Chuck Taylors.

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Deadpool Varsity


Let’s Talk Deadpool


Oh my God, I friggin love this film. My new favourite way to describe me…. If Deadpool and Ted had a baby, it would have been me.


Based upon Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, Deadpool is the story of an x-special forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson. It’s perverted, over the top hilarious and a complete love story to boot. Officially my favourite love story ever.


If you haven’t seen it, you’re sucking hard. It’s out on Blu-Ray and DVD now.


And just for fun (and cause I like to keep you on my site longer) check out these funny mistakes found in the film. I never ever catch these but always get a kick out of them none the less.



If you get a Deadpool varsity jacket, hit me up and tell me what you think 😉 And be sure to follow me on Instagram here —> @christathompson13


Deadpool Varsity, Christa Thompson



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  1. It looks like a great Halloween costume. I love to have one and then will make some modifications with mask and trousers. Thanks anyway for a great article.

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  3. My sister is a really big fan of Deadpool franchise, So i have decided to gift her a jacket just like this one. thank you so much for helping me in choosing the gift.

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