Travel by Train or Bus – The Best Way to Travel for Families

School is out, the weather is hot – summer is here! Summer makes me think of many things, but travel is definitely at the top of my list. With the kids at home, now is the time to see and experience different places that we may not have time for otherwise. While many people tend to hop on a plane to get where they need to go, that’s definitely not the only option. Travel by train or bus is a cheaper and oftentimes more fun way to travel – plus kids love it!

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Travel by Train or Bus – It’s Easier


We all know what a pain it is to get in and out of the airport. From the parking fiascos to the endless security lines, it’s almost never a pleasant experience to get onto a flight. Then there’s the tight seats and general uncomfortableness that comes with flying. Throw kids into the mix and it truly becomes a nightmare. Lugging a stroller through TSA alone is enough to make me never want to fly with my preschooler. Travel by train or bus, assuming it isn’t really crowded, usually gives you room to move around and there are often stops so you and your kids can get out and stretch your legs. You also have more options to pick your destination. Airlines usually only go to major cities or you have to catch multiple connecting flights to get to more rural areas. the ticket allows you to search for bus and train tickets in the US, meaning you can get exactly where you want to go.


Travel by Train or Bus – It’s Cheaper


While you can find good flight deals, it often involves a lot of work. Scouring websites for the best time to buy or having to take a red-eye flight for a good deal can help to save money, but why do all of that when you can simply purchase a bus or train ticket for huge savings? Children’s tickets are often cheaper as well on trains and buses, which is definitely not the case with airlines. For example, if you and your child want to travel from Springfield to Indianapolis for the second week in August, it would cost $314 per person by plane – that’s $628 total. To take this same trip by train, both there and back, comes to $147 total. That’s a savings of almost $500 which means you have more money to do fun stuff during your travels.


Travel by Train of Bus – It’s Fun


The idea of flying is pretty cool. Being up above the clouds like a bird sounds awesome to kids, but after staring at the same blue sky for 5 minutes, they’re already ready to see something else. When you travel by train or bus, you get to see so much of the country that you may never have seen on your own. Kids will love seeing all of the beautiful sites and landscapes that are all throughout the trip. Travel by train or bus really makes the journey just as special as the destination.

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