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Fair Trade Wildlife Bracelets that Give Back

Fair trade “Wildlife Bracelets that Give Back ” are a new addition the popular U.S. based eco-friendly travel blog, Green Global Travel. Founded by Bret Love and Mary Gabbett, Green Global Travel is one of the few travel blogs which prides itself on the environment and ecotourism. As a colleague and friend of both Bret and Mary, I was delighted when they asked me to check out their new line of Wildlife Bracelets that Give Back.

Jewelry That Gives Back- Birdwatchers Collection2
Safari Collection

What are Wildlife Bracelets that Give Back?

Wildlife Bracelets that Give Back are special. Not only are they super pretty and well made, but they are inspired by ecotourism, wildlife and Bret and Mary’s passion for travel.

Like all Fair Trade products, we make all our bracelets by hand. With my 14-year- old daughter trying to save money for college, this quickly became a family effort. -Bret and Mary

And even cooler than that, 10% of the profits from Wildlife Bracelets that Give Back will be donation to charity.

The birdwatchers Collection from Wildlife Bracelets that Give Back

I love this collection. It has three of the bird bracelets each with their own special charm. They are solid and heavy weighted beads so you know you’re getting good quality. And of course they are hand-made.

The Birdwatchers Collection Features:

  • Hummingbird, owls and toucan charms inspired by Bret and Mary’s trips to Costa Rica
  • 10mm beads on stretch bands fitting wrists 6″ to 9″
  • Designer-quality gemstone beads including purple Riverstone, Brecciated Jasper and Picture Jasper
Jewelry That Gives Back- Birdwatchers Collection2
Birdwatchers Collection

What is Fair Trade?

There are several things which set the World Fair Trade Organisation apart from regular trade, the biggest being its mission to trade as a “trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade.” Here are some other notes on fair trade:

  • Fair Trade businesses always consider the social, economic and environmental impact of their actions with the belief that doing so ensures better long-term sustainability, both for our business and for the artisans and co-ops they do business with.
  • We advocate paying higher prices to these exporters, as well as working to improve social and environmental standards.

When you buy Fair Trade, like Wildlife Bracelets that Give Back, instead of from a big business retailer, you are supporting a bigger picture, you’re helping people earn a decent wage so they can spend more time at home. This is a long cycle which creates a better world and a brighter future.

What is Sold as Fair Trade?

All kinds of things are sold as Fair Trade. There are artisans all around the world. Green Global Travel works with about 20+ of them, and are now selling everything from jewelry, clothing and accessories to coffee, musical instruments and home decor. Here are a few cute things from their site.

Fair trade, conserve india purse
the Conserve India Purse is just one of the many things sold on Green Global Travel.
artisana hummingbird, mexico
The Artisana Hummingbird, Mexico is stunning, also sold on Green Global Travel.
fair trade, brass cuff south africa
And this cuff is sooo pretty, South Africa

If you’re the kind of shopper who prefers supporting local business over big business, then you will love shopping with Green Global Travel and of course, check out their Wildlife Bracelets that Give Back.

Look to the future, it completely depends on what we’re doing in the present. Fair Trade supports a bright future and I support that. Check out Bret and Mary’s awesome shop on Green Global Travel and do something that will last longer than just today.

Bret and Mary gave me the beautiful birdwatchers Collection of Wildlife Bracelets that Give Back. It in no way shapes my opinion of this article.


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