How to Harley Quinn Cosplay – Harley Quinn Jacket Review

Raise your hand if you’re dying to do the Harley Quinn Cosplay! There’s something magnetic about her crazy bitch ways that we can’t get enough of. So, you know what a nerd I am, especially when it comes to cosplay. Needless to say when I was asked to review the new Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket by Hexder, I was pretty stoked. Not only am I a huge Jared Leto fan (like c’mon ladies who isn’t right) I’m eager to see the new film and absolutely LOVE what they have done with the story line for it.

I wanted to share it with you but not without giving you some sweet tips on doing your epic Harley Quinn cosplay.

I got my Harley Quinn Jacket from Hexder…

Can you guess what I’ll be wearing to Tampa Bay Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con this year?

Harley Quinn Cosplay, Harley Quinn jacket

Harley Quinn Cosplay makeup and jacket. Videos and tips on pulling it off.

About the Harley Quinn Jacket from Hexder

At first glance the jacket seems pretty true to the costume. There are small differences (the banding and trim are a little different), but for the most part it’s a pretty good replica.

Once you have the whole costume going, there’s no doubt that this jacket fits the bill. Check out one of their customer photos:

Harley Quinn jacket, Harley Quinn Cosplay

Photo Hexder

I thoroughly checked the seams and the zipper for quality and it’s pretty well put together. Seeing as how a costume at Party City goes for $60.00-$120.00, the $109.00 price tag on this piece seems pretty comparable.

I made a quick little video here which you can check out if you want a legit idea of the jacket.


How to do the Harley Quinn Cosplay

You can buy the Harley Quinn costume online or you can get really creative and make it yourself. Props if you do…

Here are some things you’ll need for a DIY Harley Quinn Cosplay:




  • Fishnets
  • Red and black hairspray
  • A bat
  • Baseball T in white plain (so you can write in the Daddy’s Little Monster”
  • Blue and red nail polish
  • Red fingerless glove
  • Red and blue bracelets
  • Black acrylic paint for drawing on your tattoos
  • Toy guns with holsters
  • Make your boot heels here’s a great video from Sorry Girls on making the whole costume at home

If you really want to nail this costume though you’re going to need to be on fleek with the hair and makeup. I found this pretty sweet makeup tutorial on YouTube. You’re welcome.

The Harley Quinn cosplay is fairly easy of you get the right pieces. The Harley Quinn jacket is a must. You can get it hereNow it’s just up to you to get the attitude down. Just go for ultimate crazy bitch on wheels and you will pretty much nail it.


Good luck, and Tweet me your Harley Quinn Cosplay pics and I’ll share them for you!


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