Fairytale Road Trips – Driving to The Blue Mountains, Sydney

One of the biggest cities in Australia, Sydney, is a land of many wonders. The place boasts abundant natural beauty, and hence, is a favourite holiday destination for many. The major attractions of the place include its Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Watson’s Bay, Hyde Park, Barracks museum, and Bondi Beach among many others. Travellers from around the world visit the city every year for an unforgettable time. And if you’re looking at expenses in Australia, it’s smart to plan ahead.




Getting to the Blue Mountains


Sydney, with its scenic surroundings, makes a perfect getaway for a road trip. A drive from the main city to the Blue Mountains nearby promises to show you the best of nature. You can easily reach here by following the signs to Paramatta on the highway. While the entrance to the place at Glenbrook/Lapstone is merely 50 minutes from the main city, the popular destination of Leura/Katoomba is another 40 minutes from here.


Though many tourists return to the city from this point, rest assured that there is so much to explore from beyond here. You can also take an alternate route to the Blue Mountains from Sydney through the Bell’s Line of Road. Mount Tomah, Mount Bell and Mount Victoria fall on this way, making the drive a visual delight.


Scenic Trips

The trip from the city of Sydney to its Blue Mountains along the Cliff Drive is as picturesque as it gets. You must stop at Echo point to take in the stunning view of the Megalong valley. The calm and quiet of the place serve as a much-needed relief from the urban lifestyle. The wilderness of the spread of this lush green valley will definitely reach out to the nature lover in you.

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The wilds of the Blue Mountains are listed in World’s Heritage for a reason. The place is home to rare flora and fauna. From reflecting in the sheer beauty of the eucalyptus forests to spotting interesting animals in the Featherdale Wildlife Park, it has so much to see and do. You can see animals such as kangaroos and koalas, symbolic of the country, from a short distance here.


Since the Blue Mountains are best to be explored on your own, driving is the right way to go.  Car hire in Sydney is pretty convenient from the airport and other places. Laced with one natural splendour after the other, the drive is nothing less than spectacular.


Along with taking in the panoramic view of the mountains you can also check its many little towns. That of Leura is a must-visit. So pack your bags, hire a car, and hit the roads for a perfect weekend getaway. The natural beauty of the place allows you to rediscover yourself in the best way possible.

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