Tips for Entertaining the Kids in the San Diego Area

Planning a vacation to San Diego? If you are visiting the city with your kids, then you are going to need a decent property to stay at. And if you have a sizable family, a timeshare may be your best bet.

A timeshare is a property where more than one person holds the right to live. Because all of them cannot live together at the same time, each is allotted a specific period of time when they can use the property as per their convenience.

Where to Stay

Timeshares come with a lot of advantages, like having to pay only for the part of the year when you use the property, which makes it very economical. You can help a friend out by sub-letting your part of the share and earn some money back or you could simply trade times and locations in order to travel new and different destinations.

This is where the Welk Resorts in San Diego comes into the picture. The 450-acre resort that not only offers timeshares, but it also integrates several other games and activities into their plans, making their resort all the more fun. One of the main activities is, of course, are the famous Chargers football games. Located 30 miles north of San Diego, offers a multitude of other amenities such as swimming pools, slides, recreational studios and more. Look at more and make your booking today.


What to do in San Diego with Kids

San Diego is a fantastic place to visit since there are plenty of attractions for people of all ages. If you are traveling with your kids, it is essential that you know about some kid-friendly spots and fortunately, there are several spots in San Diego where you can take your kids with you. It is a great place for moms to spend some quality time with their kids.

So here is a list of places, attractions, and things that you can do with your kid when you are on a vacation trip to San Diego:

Sea World

Sea World in San Diego is one of the top tourist attractions in the city and for a good reason. It offers a combination of activities and shows to participate in, and the kids simply love it.

There is an aquarium that houses some of the most amazing sea animals you could think of, an animal show where trained animals perform the most amazing stunts, an amusement park that you can take your kid to and a magical water show by Shamu.

Vader by @thefairytaletraveler

The Zoo and Safari

The San Diego zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the world. You will find some of the most exotic and beautiful animals here like panda bears, the nearly extinct Indian rhinoceros and Binturong, which is an unusual and exotic species. The San Diego zoo is home to more than 4,000 animals that have been carefully categorized into nine different habitats.

After you have the zoo, you can choose to go to the Zoo Safari Park. Instead of seeing the animals in a cage, this park will allow you to experience animals in their natural habitat in open atmosphere.

There are different types of safari’s ranging from 25 minutes to a couple of hours in duration, depending on the package you have selected.

New Children’s Museum

This particular venue was built to satisfy the never-ending thirst of young children to play around. Located downtown, the museum has been designed so that it helps in engaging the kids with interactive gameplay, exhibitions, and galleries. There is also a great studio that has been specially designed for kids who are interested in art.

You can help your kid engage in activities such as creating their own audio tracks, videography, or even 3D sequences. This is not only a great way to engage your kid and get his creative juices flowing, but also help you understand what catches his imagination and what kind of career he might be interested in when he gets older. New Children’s Museum keeps organizing workshops on various topics with carefully chosen content.


Lego Land

Legos are so famous that San Diego decided to host an entire theme park around the concept. Overall a theme park, Lego Land is a marvelous place for your kid to spend some quality time. It offers more than 50 themed rides and attracts visitors in millions from around the world.

UTC Ice Sports Center

UTC Ice Sports Center not only offers an opportunity to explore this wonderful sport, but also a standout shopping center in the backdrop to do some Christmas shopping while your kid enjoys ice skating. You can also try some ice skating yourself if you feel like it.

Apart from the above mentioned attractions and tourist spots, there are other theme parks to explore too. Make sure you come prepared and plan your days accordingly.

Photo by Nathan Rupert under the creative commons license.

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