Captain Obvious is Running in the Race for President


Captain Obvious is running in the race for President. As in, he’s literally running. He’ll be providing satirical commentary to lighten the mood. It’s an interesting election. Anyone with great hair and a bottomless bank account can also join the running in the race for President, but Captain Obvious is the obvious choice.

Desktop Background_2 is supporting Captain Obvious during his race because they believe in simplicity as much as he does – and he’ll need a place to sleep at night. They’ll be providing him with running shoes, socks, shorts and everything else he needs for his run.


Captain Obvious


See Him in Your State! —->

I’ve run through every state and Washington D.C. and made a video about each one. That means there’s fifty videos. -Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious Ran Through All 50 States – Check Him Out in Our State of Florida


Follow Along on Twitter for Obvious Reasons

Captain Obvious


You can join in on the fun… run… funny run

Participate with the obvious President on Twitter! You’ll finds lots of fun content to share here. From gifs to pictures and even videos made just for your state! Nobody said the Presidential Debate had to be a good time, until now. Share Captain Obvious’ President Tweets and make some of your own.

• Join @CaptainObvious race for President at CaptainObviousRunsForPresident(dot)com
Follow @CaptainObvious run at CaptainObviousRunsForPresident(dot)com
• See @CaptainObvious at CaptainObviousRunsForPresident(dot)com
@CaptainObvious made an announcement to announce his race for President: @CaptainObvious


Watch Captain Obvious Run for President – Literally

Tag @FairytaleTVLR in your Captain Obvious twitter posts and give me a taste of your presidential humor. Looking forward to hearing from all of you in the coming weeks and sharing your @CaptainObvious tweets! And remember “take one day at a time, because taking two is impossible”.

Thank you to for sponsoring today’s post and Captain Obvious’ race for President.



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  1. Nice! Would probably make for one of the better choices too.

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