Nerd Out App Brings Logistics to Nerds #NerdOutApp

The all new Nerd Out App is an innovative way to bring nerds together. It’s easy to use allowing the user to open the location-based app and see exactly what nerdtastic events are happening and when. From cult movies to comic cons and every nerdy thing between, it’s the only app bringing people together in the nerd universe. It’s a one-stop shop for information on nerdy events.

Nerd Out is the Only App Nerds Need


Nerd Out is a mobile application available for download on Apple and Android devices. It’s user-friendly and kid friendly allowing users to discover nerd inspired events in their local areas. It also showcases hundreds of events from around the world. Whether you’re moving, going on vacation or just planning something in your hometown, this is the app to use. You can even build your own schedule and connect with friends. Cosplayers can unite!

The app’s brand mission is to,

Unite nerds around the globe”

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Why I Love this App

I go to a lot of cons and let me just say they don’t all have a masters in web design. That said, I’ve found it difficult to find out key information, leaving my experience less than epic. Nerd out is the kind of tool which I can use globally, so I never miss an event and can bring the deets to my blog. And of course, it’s FREE and that’s always my favorite price.




What Cities are Listed on Nerd Out?

They add cities every couple weeks based on user request.

• Atlanta

• Boston

• Chicago

• Dallas

• Houston

• Inland Empire

• London

• Los Angeles

• New York City

• Orange County

• Orlando

• Pittsburgh

• Portland, OR

• San Diego

• San Francisco

• Seattle

• St. Louis

• Tampa

• Washington DC

About the Founder of Nerd Out

Michelle Jensen, or Elle, as some of you may know her from her fun blog Your Friend ElleShe’s a blogger, a fangirl, a cosplayer, and, most importantly, a nerd. Her first love is and will always be Disney; Her first official fandom was Buffy, though to be honest; in those days I don’t think we even had the word ‘fandom’.cFrom there she went on to be a Whovian, Sherlockian, Oncer, Clone Club-er, and adding more all the time!


Ways to Support and check Nerd Out App out

I genuinely love this app and highly recommend you check it out. Be in the know.

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