Playmation Recharger Packs Mom Review and Unboxing Video

Disclosure: While Disney Consumer Products were cool enough to send us these accessories, it in no way shapes our opinions of this product. It just makes bringing you the deets affordable, and we’re okay with that.

I know your kids are crazy stoked about their new Playmation, or of the prospect of getting one for Christmas. And they should be! This new game gear from Disney Interactive is pretty awesomeLike, changing the game awesome. Still, you have to be thinking that replacing batteries is for the birds. I feel you! Which is why the new Playmation Recharger Packs are also awesome and totally worth the couple of bucks (in the home of $25 USD each). Oh and if you missed my Playmation review see it here.

Recharger Pack Details

Playmation Recharger packs

Shown with the Playmation repulsor gear and activator

Repulsor Pack:

  • Up to 5 hours of play on one charge
  • Licensed product (fits perfect)
  • 6′ USB for charging
  • LED indicator light

Activator Pack:

  • Up to 10 hours of play on one charge
  • Licensed product (fits perfect)
  • 6′ USB for charging
  • LED indicator light

Get the full Playmation Recharger Packs unboxing experience here:

In My Opinion

I’m always thinking of ways to save time and money. I think this is a clear solution to that need. That said, we’ve been using the recharger packs for a few weeks and love them. I’ve yet to see my son run out of juice. We even took it all on a camping trip with us. The Playmation recharger packs get my geeky mom seal of approval.

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