The Cool New HomeTeam App by Panasonic Connects Kids with Family

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I am away a lot. As much as I hate it, I can’t always bring my son. Being in school is important and sometimes he just has to stay behind. Usually I keep in touch and make sure I’m calling him on Skype in the morning on his way to school and in the evening before bed. But even though we have that, I still feel like spending time together is missing the element of actually doing fun stuff together. But the new HomeTeam app just changed that game.

HomeTeam App by Panasonic

About the New HomeTeam App by Panasonic

Now with the new HomeTeam app I can turn tablet time into family time and take part in activities that my son really enjoys. These are some of the things we can do together on the app:

  • Video chat
  • Read books together (Disney stories)
  • Play games together

Now we can actually have more meaningful hang out sessions when I’m away instead of just small talk. I mean let’s be serious, how much can you really talk about with your six-year-old. This app is PERFECT!!! There are so many people who can benefit from this new app. Whether you’re an out-of-town grandparent, parent, traveling parent, or just family that can’t always be around, this is really going to change the game when it comes to getting together for a video chat. Even little cousins will love hanging out! HomeTeam IOS screenshot

Where to Get the HomeTeam App

It’s easy just download the app on your Android or IOS deviceThe actual service for the connection is only $8.95/month which if you ask me is a small price to pay to stay connected. I didn’t even think twice. But in case you do, the first month is FREE.

Download on iOS

You can download the app on your tablet or on your desktop! So no matter what device you have, they have you covered! My son loves technology and I just know he’s going to LOVE using this new HomeTeam app. I can’t wait to show it to him the next time I leave town. This will even be super perfect for my sister who he rarely gets to see because she lives over an hour away and travels a lot too. I’m so stoked about this, really, this could change so much for us!

Do you travel a lot? Do you have family that is far away who you’d love to be in touch with more but don’t know how to connect the kids? Tell us what YOU think about this new app in the comments below!

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