A Selfie Lover’s Guide to Brisbane

The weather gets warmer and the water gets bluer the further north you go up the east coast of Australia. Brisbane is a city that certainly won’t disappoint. The capital city of Queensland has beautiful bay views, high-rise buildings, and a chilled out Aussie atmosphere. But how will you show the world that you’re in Brisbane, unless you’ve got a selfie to show for it. Thankfully, Brisbane is filled with breathtaking landscapes and attractions which give you the perfect background to take out your camera and turn on the selfie mode.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

If you want every part of the iconic Brisbane scenery in the background of your selfie, then this lookout point is the place to be. With Botanic Gardens, the river, and the city skyline in the background behind your face, it will certainly be a photo worthy of plenty of hashtags on Instagram.

Mount Gravatt

A hidden gem in Brisbane and best reached by car, this destination is the perfect place for a road trip selfie. With a Hertz car hire in Brisbane, you can reach this place in the most expedient manner. The windy road goes up to the summit of these wooded mountains that open up to stunning views of Brisbane. Park your car and enjoy a hike around the mountain before snapping that ideal selfie pose.

Story Bridge

At the centrepiece of Brisbane city is this bridge that has been in existence for over 74 years now. This bridge lights up with different colours depicting stories of Queensland and the world. When Queensland won the rugby State of Origin, the bridge was colored a solid maroon. You can get a great selfie from the ground with the bridge in the background, or if you’re feeling adventurous enough take part in the Story Bridge Adventure Climb. Just make sure you smile with happiness, not vertigo, when you’re well up high on the bridge.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

A down under isn’t complete without seeing some of the wildlife that inhabit this vast land. At Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary you’ll see a host of Aussie marsupials. From kangaroos to koalas and everything in between, you’ll get a classic selfie shot with a cute, furry animal at this destination in Brisbane.

Roma Street Parklands

Right in the heart of Brisbane city is a subtropical garden oasis. This garden features over 16 hectares of colourful garden beds, native birds, fish ponds, waterfalls, as well as some beautiful local artwork. Anywhere around these parklands make for a picturesque background for your selfie.

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