Set Phasers to FUN! Star Trek 50th Anniversary Convention Announced


Okay Star Trek fans, the 50th anniversary convention is a go. Creation Entertainment and CBS Consumer Products have set the convention dates for August 3-7, 2016 at The Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas.

“This event has always been uniquely innovative and in tune with what the Star Trek fan wants and expects. Every attendee, no matter what their ticket price, has a chance to see all the stars when they want to without fear of waiting or not getting in,” said Adam Malin, Co-CEO of Creation Entertainment. “It’s the ultimate space where like-minded folks can meet the franchise stars, argue trivia, look at the scientific and philosophical pop culture impact of the brand and of course make friendships that have lasted generations.”

This exciting event will ENGAGE you with numerous activities including Star Trek set designs, costumes, props and many exclusive convention giveaways. The event also promises to host over 100 Star Trek celebrities from film and television.


Resisting this event is FUTILE!

Sold Outta Gold!

If you’re looking for a gold package entry to the 2016 50th anniversary Star Trek convention you’re out of luck. These tickets sold out almost immediately last year when the event was originally announced. So, you’ll just have to settle for the next best thing(s) they are offering including a special new full FIVE DAY (they’ve expanded out to five full days and nights, plus pre-registration night/vendors preview for this 50th Anniversary gathering) package that is available for the first time in honor of this 50th Anniversary of STAR TREK Convention.

To see what’s available for special packages go here.

Keep up to date on convention details as it happens at The Fairytale Traveler or on the official convention page.


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