New York Upper East Side Holiday Rentals – Close to Epic Film Locations

Oh my gosh I love New york! I literally get goosebumps every time I plan a trip there. It’s a film location icon! The skyline alone is a hallmark! Fun geeky movies filmed in the ‘big apple’ include X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man and the list goes on. Visiting New York City is a must for any movie fan. One thing I’ve learned about making this trip is it’s best to do it in style. New York City is all about style. So, if you’re missing this, you’re missing the culture of the entire destination. When I visit New York City, I always stay in the upper east side. It’s literally a must for me.

With so iconic film locations around every corner, you will be amazed at what great and interesting things will draw your attention when you pay a visit to the upper east side of the city. There is so much to see and do, and the shopping! Still, if you REALLY want to get the best NYC feels, I suggest you stay in  an Upper East Side holiday rental apartment or condo, so that every attraction is within easy reach and you can spend your days enjoying the real essence of New York.

Upper East Side New York – The Lap Of Luxury Living

If you want to experience the real chic (which let’s be real, just cause you’re a geek doesn’t mean you don’t like the lux) and classic New York life, then the Upper East Side of the city should be your destination this holiday. It is the actual height of all luxury living in the very center of New York, and you will definitely enjoy the luxury hotels, bellhops, doormen, and curbside services which are the norm in the neighborhood.

Add to all this easy access to a vast number of exclusive designer boutiques which are a major attraction for all paying a trip to the neighborhood, and you can enjoy a great holiday trip to the city of Manhattan.

Upper East Side New York – A Neighborhood Just Dressed To the Nines!

Fasten your seat belt and get ready for a roller coaster ride on your visit to the Upper East Side. With the streets lined with posh shops, and luxury services made available at every turn, you can enjoy a trip to a neighborhood which is always dressed to the nines.

When you plan a visit to the area, you will enjoy seeing what real New York is actually like. It is known to be the most posh area of the city, where exquisite architecture, outstanding talent, and luxury services are the main activities attracting the residents and the visitors of the city.

Luxury penthouse apartments, guiltily expensive gowns in designer boutiques and bell hop services in hotels are what define this neighborhood as a luxury setting of the chic New York City.

What Makes the Neighborhood Great

Besides the luxury penthouses and dozens of chic shops and restaurants, this neighborhood is characterized by the easy accessibility to different commute options. You can find the subway along with other transportation options easily which are just a couple of blocks away.

Local parks and museums complete the classic ambiance of the neighborhood, highlighting it as the choice place for everyone wanting to enjoy all that sleek, high culture, and fashion New York has to offer! With eye opening exhibitions to relaxing and fun strolls around Central Park, you can have a great tour of the Upper East Side. To make the most out of your trip, make sure you book the right holiday rental located near all the attractions.

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