Playmation Review from #D23EXPO the Game that is Changing the Game

While Disney flew me out to California on an all expenses paid trip to D23 Expo 2015, it in no way shapes my opinion in this article.


It’s a game!

You can play anywhere!

Without being wired!

Without needing internet!

And it does awesome stuff!

Awesome stuff with Avengers. Yeah… Marvel Avengers.


You may not know this yet, you’re kids may not know it yet, but Disney Interactive’s new Playmation is your new favorite game experience. As in, FAVORITE.

This past weekend I was privileged to experience the Playmation Marvel’s Avengers Gamma Gear. Let me tell you, it was mind blowing. Being a mom to a near seven year old intrepid little boy who LOVES gaming, this system quickly played on my heart strings.

Myself and 24 of my media colleagues sat in a room and heard the mind blowing presentation for Playmation before making our way to the set of a child’s room. Here we watched the live presentation from a little girl as she donned the repulsor gear (the hand part) which allows you to click and activate battle defenses and interact with the wireless power activator (where your character sits and mandates different missions).

Like dude, I know right.


Here’s the press release:

Coming this Fall, Playmation Marvel’s Avengers Gamma Gear – inspired by the 7-foot Hulk – lets you smash into battle using motion-sensing technology putting you in the Avengers action.  Slip your hands into the Gamma Gear and use the motion-based controls to smash your way through missions and stomp through battlegrounds with different Hulk moves like Ground Slam, Thunder Clap, and other combos.”

So let me write that in ‘mom’ for you…

You know when we were kids back in the stone age, and we cooked fancy dinners from mud pies, made castles from card board boxes and fought dragons with wooden sticks…well at least that was my childhood…



Well…Disney Interactive is taking imaginative play to a whole new level using bluetooth technology, live action audio, and a system which requires the player to physically move in order to complete the mission. And guess what… it doesn’t end with Marvel Avengers. In 2016 we’ll see Playmation for Star Wars and in 2017 for Frozen.

Prepare yourselves for the coolest gameplay your kids have ever seen

Check out my friend Vera’s footage of the live demo we got this past weekend:

It’s really easy to use, you slip on the arm band and launch the mission. From there you’re given a series of missions which demand you move, jump, roll, hide, all with super gnarly sound effects making the experience mind blowing for kids.

I can almost hear my son’s excitement now… this is amazing.

There’s also an app which you don’t have to download to play, but you should. The app gives you a ton of information about what you’ve achieved, what you’ve unlocked and what villains are begging for you destroy them.

You can play with one other person with one kit. If you have multiple kits, you can play together on a network. Can you even imagine….

This just made camping and after school backyard play a whole lot cooler.

For more information on this killer new game from Disney Interactive go here.

Watch the Official Playmation Trailer here:

Are you excited? Good because it is AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER NOW for in store and delivery in October 2015. A second wave of items will be released in November, just in time for Christmas. Disney plans to extend the Playmation experience to Star Wars by Holiday 2016 and Frozen in 2017.

What do you think about the new Playmation?

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