Fairy Tales by Day Sports by Night in Paris

Paris is a true blend of nature, architecture, and social activities that makes it a heaven on earth for tourists. Not to mention it’s one of the world headquarters for fairy tales. From its historical and serene museums to the hustle and bustle of its subways, the city is versatile in its essence. Apart from its deep fairy tale roots, it is also a home to several sporting activities. The locals are really fascinated with sports here because of the numerous sports events held within the city of an annual basis, with most of them being featured around the globe.

In the day time, people usually visit attractions like the chateau of Versailles, the Louvre or Orsay museums, and more; but most evenings for tourists to this grand city are spent in becoming spectators of amazing sporting events. This makes the city of Paris a hub of fun activities and places to visit.

There are various sports organized in the city like Tennis, Rugby, Marathons, Dances, and Olympics etc. The international events previously and currently held in Paris are: FIFA World Cup, the annual French Open Grand Slam tennis tournament, Olympics and Rugby tournaments.

Spectator Sports

The most popular spectator sports are Rugby and Football because of the Association Football Club Paris and the Rugby Union Club. The Stade de France can seat 80,000 spectators and is located within Saint-Denis, attracting a huge number of tourists when games are being held here. Also, the Tennis Club de Paris is a huge club with numerous courts, located within the city. Additionally, the great Tour de France cycling race at the end of July is also one of the favorite spectator sports of the French locals and tourists alike.

The Grand Marathon

One of the activities that people love in the city of Paris is walking. The fresh morning chill makes people active and ready to go. Even tourists don’t rent a car or take the subway, but rather, often enjoy themselves watching the Eiffel tower and the lofty cathedrals as they walk along the streets. To support this growing spirit of walking in the tourists as well as its citizens, there are various grand marathons held within the city. Some of them are even open to all. The Paris International Marathon which traditionally takes place in April in one such event. As much as 50,000 runners participate in this great city marathon.

Dance on the Seine bank

Walking is not the only athletic activity enjoyed in Paros. Instead, people gather below the Institute du Monde Arabe at the Jardin Tino Rossi and fearlessly dance the night away. Call it a therapy or an activity, but there Dancing on the Seine bank are hundreds of people dancing on their toes during the event. Being a part of this event, you’d see Salsa, Tango, Rock, the traditional Bredon dancing, Arabian dance, and many more styles being performed with a flare.


When the weather becomes hotter, you can even cool yourself down with a swim. The pools in Paris are work of architecture in themselves, with 35 public pools located throughout the city with very economical admission fees. One of the famous pools is in rue Blomet which has a depth of 50 meters. There’s also a beautiful Art deco pool at Piscine Pontoise. This pool has been filmed many times in different movies and ads.

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Photo by Charlón under the creative commons license

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