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Ancient Mayan Ritualistic Ceremony to Receive the Moon Goddess Ixchel


There’s never a dull moment in the life of a ‘Fairytale Traveler’ and boy am I about to get into some adventure. Tomorrow I’ll be whisking off to Mexico where I will get to experience the 9th annual Sacred Mayan Journey, a mythical culmination of strength and wisdom bringing thirty helmsmen on a journey to receive a sacred message from the ancient Mayan Goddess Ixchel.


Sacred Mayan Journey

Del Sol


About the Sacred Mayan Journey

Join me on May 22 and 23rd as I celebrate this mythical tradition at the Xcaret Park. I’ll be bringing you my first hand experience of thirty helmsmen who will voyage from pole (Xcaret) to kuzamil (Cozumel) to receive the divine message of Ixchel. The adventure begins on May 21 in true Fairytale Traveler fashion as I bring you with me every step of the way so you too can experience the Sacred Mayan Journey!



The History of the Sacred Mayan Journey

The Sacred Mayan Journey is a ritual dating back from 1250-1519 AD bringing maritime trade knowledge, strength and resilience in a culmination of cultural ceremonies. Under the guidance of the INAH (Institution of National Anthropology and History), the ceremony is reenacted in complete accuracy, adhering to the original dances, music and rituals, and even using the same type of canoes!


Sacred Mayan Journey

Del Sol


The ritual for many years was performed for the Goddess Ixchel presiding over the moon, tides, and fertility. The pilgrimage ended for over half a century until Experiences Xcaret brought it back to life nine years ago. This annual event has strengthened the cultural integrity of the Yucatán Peninsula and shares a lost history with spectators near and far.



sacred Mayan Journey


The Training of the Helmsmen

Hard work and determination of each one of the helmsmen is essential to achieve the Mayan wisdom of “In lak ‘ekh, Hala ken” (I am another you, you are another me), as they become a single continuous movement, paddling in harmony with the sea. For six months these men train to take this journey. According to Xcaret,

With a unique personality and a firm character, the leaders keep a determined attitude even when the strong waves hit against their canoes; when their emotions and mood are affected, it is right there when the meaning of the Sacred Mayan Journey takes a new sense in the minds of each oarsman. In every canoe the strength, optimism, tolerance and sacrifice fuse to achieve a teamwork that will keep them together forever.

Mediators who through their voice and heart transform rage into serenity; fear into braveness; tiredness into vigor; anguish into relief and indifference into empathy. Constancy develops into commitment and duty into discipline. They transform self-improvement into a habit and proud into humbleness. They are the spokesmen of the goddess Ixchel that have learnt the language of the sea.”



Join my mythical adventure starting May 21 with the events on May 22 and 23rd as I experience with you first hand this ancient event. Follow along on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and catch my daily journal entries right here on The Fairytale Traveler.


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Comments on the Sacred Mayan Journey? Or just want to join the fun? Please use the comments below! I can’t wait to see you there!

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