A New Way to Travel with a Four Legged Friend

There’s so many cool ways to travel. You can fly, take a train, or road trip with a motor home but, have you ever considered taking a horse trailer with living quarters? If you love your horse (which let’s be real if you have one you love it), then you’ll love the idea of road tripping to awesome natural landscapes with your four legged friend in tow.

Planning a Road Trip with Your Horse

Before you can get into a horse trailer, you’re going to need to know a few things about the maintenance. Not cleaning and not taking proper care of your trailer can make it become dull, dusty and old looking. But does such an expensive thing deserve that kind of treatment? Probably not. Your horse trailer needs to be maintained regularly, cleaned often and inspected every now and then.

If you need some tips on how to maintain a horse trailer, then the following given points will prove useful for you.

Washing it

One of the first ways to take care of a Double D Trailers or any other kind of trailer is to wash it regularly. Washing ensures that the trailer remains clean and spot-less from the exteriors. Try using soapy hot water to wash the trailer and then scrub it properly. Don’t forget to wash and clean the undercarriage because road usage can make a lot of dust accumulate.

Grease the trailer parts

Dirt can make your trailer appear old prematurely and it is important to take it off from time to time. Dirt and dust can cause friction and hence parts may need greasing to make them smooth again. Some parts which may need greasing include the joints, ball hitch, springs, winch, tongue jack and the axle. Greasing helps in the lubrication and prevents friction and corrosion that can be reasons for accidents and problems in driving.

Check the light system of the horse trailer

Another way to maintain your horse trailer is to check its light system. Often the light system goes wrong and this may create problems for you. You must do all that is possible to ensure that the trailer’s light are in proper working order. The wiring of all the lights must be placed together and should converge at one point. Also make sure there are no corroded or worn out spots. If there are any weak spots or points, then make sure you secure them with an electrical tape. Also get rid of any grime or dust build up on the electric connectors and then dab a little bit of dielectric waterproof grease on them.

Tire maintenance

Tires are indispensable and highly important parts of any kind of a trailer and it is important to maintain them as well. Trailer weight along with the weight of items inside the trailer may make the tires handle a lot of stuff and this may make them wear out soon. Also if your trailer hasn’t been used for a while, then the tires may have become inflated. This is why it is important to keep an eye on the air pressure of the tires as well. Driving under inflated tires on a camping trip can be very dangerous and thus every time you go out for a trip, get the air pressure checked and maintained. If tires have undergone a lot of wear and tear, then it is a good idea to replace them every few years.

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