Explore the Thrill and Experience of Riding a Motorcycle Across the US

Choosing to view the beauty and splendor of America from an entirely new perspective is something that plenty of people dream about on a regular basis, but few people actually do. Crossing America on a motorcycle is a desire embedded within the hearts of most riders.

There is something intrinsically romantic about the thought of cruising through the USA on two wheels, with the wind in your hair and the feel of the sun on your back. Some people appreciate the stamina and powered required to ride 3,000 miles, whereas others simply like the idea of seeing the world from a different angle.

Here are just some of the reasons why you might choose to explore the US on the back of a bike.

Cost-Saving and Economical

When it comes to upfront costs and long-term expenses, a motorcycle will always beat a car hands-down. First of all, motorcycles use significantly less gas than most four-wheeled vehicles. Although a car might be considered economically friendly if it can maintain 30 mpg – for a motorcycle that would be quite poor. Most bikes can actually achieve mileage in the 40 to 60 mpg range.

Motorcycles are far cheaper to operate, and with the prices of gas getting even lower these days, riding one more often only makes sense. At the same time, you will often find that the costs of maintenance are much cheaper, as you can do a great deal of the work yourself. What’s more, the price of motorcycle insurance is generally far cheaper than car insurance, and purchasing a bike off the floor costs less than a car, too.

Better, Safer Performance

You should never drive recklessly on the road, but it’s worth noting that if it came right down to it, a motorcycle would be half a mile down the road before a car even managed to get into second gear. Motorcycles simply outperform cars – it’s as easy as that. Sure, there are some high-powered cars that can keep up with bikes, but there aren’t many, and usually you’ll have to pay about ten or twenty times the cost of the bike to get the same performance.

What’s more, motorcyclists are often considered to be safer on the road. Drivers can let their standards slip by assuming that their safe within their steel cage, but motorcycle riding comes with risks, meaning that drivers are more aware of their surroundings.

Ultimate Freedom

At the end of the day there will never be a feeling quite like driving down an open road with the wind in your face. Driving with the windows rolled down in your car simply isn’t the same as riding on the back of a beautiful bike. For most motorcycle enthusiasts, riding becomes an escape to get away from the numerous stresses of life. With a motorbike, you can truly find yourself, developing your balance and co-ordination while taking in all of the fresh air your doctor recommends so much. You can smell the scent of real, natural pine trees and the farmland you are passing by, rather than the air freshener hanging from your rearview mirror.


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