Yonderbound, A New Travel Platform for Discounted Travel

A great new way to save money on travel bookings with Yonderbound

The number one thing I hear from my readers as a travel writer is,

I wish I could afford to travel.”

Well now there’s a new way to save money on travel so you can finally start traveling like the Fairytale Traveler. Like who doesn’t want to save money on their vacation right? I came across this new site which is still in Beta mode, but it is totally killer. It has a search engine that leads you to the best hotel for your trip and it includes ALL THE TAXES AND FEES. I love that kind of transparency when searching for good deals. I LOVE SAVING MONEY!

Why I love Yonderbound

Cool Little “Yonderboxes”

Ever feel like you have a million different choices and you just can ‘t ail down the perfect hotel? The cool thing about Yonderbound is you get to see the REAL perspective of the hotel, not just the fancy stock photos you get online, but the in-depth and legit TRAVELER’S EXPERIENCE from travel bloggers and travel writers around the world. These are not endorsed in any way by Yonderbound either, these are trips that professional travelers are already taking and love to share with their readers. How cool is that! Plus, you can save the hotels you are looking at in a group to easily compare which one suits you best. It’s like an online pinboard, where you can save as many choices as you like to go back and look at later. Once saved you can pinpoint on the map where the hotel is, see photos, the price and check availability, as well as make a booking directly from your collection.


Check out my Yonderboxes here.  I just started writing for them and already it’s been easy and fun.

my yonderbound box


Makes it easy to share your travel plans with friends. Just send them the link to your box and boom, it’s all there!


Saving money

Saving money is awesome sauce. Since i’m a Yonderbound writer, and you are my friend, I can give you this sweet $10 off your very first booking by clicking on this link.

It’s not just the $10 credit that saves you, it’s the overall booking. Yonderbound runs about 80% CHEAPER all of the time. Since you can narrow your search results based on your needs, it saves time and money too. AND WE ALL KNOW THAT TIME IS THE MOST VALUABLE OF ALL… cause you can’t get it back.

Follow your favorite travelers and get inside skills

You’ll be traveling like a blogger before you know it!

We want you to know: This post is in conjunction with Yonderbound, who asked me to be a part of their ambassadorship program to test and review their service. This is no way shapes my opinion of this platform. There are affiliate links in this article which I can make money from while you save and have fun. WIN WIN.

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