Essential Children Travel Gear for Spring and Summer Travel

Traveling with children is such a joy. If you’re a parent, you’ll probably agree that going places with your little ones will help you see the world in a whole new light; it’s a liberating experience. So it’s important that we are prepared with all the right gear. Choosing clothing and equipment in the summer is very different to shopping for winter travel, so here are some things to consider for your packing list. For more information on gear, you can bring on holiday this summer for your children, read this excellent guide on travel essentials from Look What’s Cool.


Children’s Travel Gear


Outdoor Clothing


Mesh Base Layers

Base layers are important and can be worn comfortably under a light jacket or fleece. Choose a base layer with mesh; this will perform a moisture wicking facility to keep your little ones cool and dry, even when they are sweating in the summer heat.

UV Clothing

If you’re spending a day on the beach or going somewhere where your kids are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, make sure they are protected with UV clothing or swimwear. Find out more about sun exposure on Kids Health.

Breathable Outerwear

Breathable jackets are essential for comfort during the summer months. Keep your little ones feeling cool, dry and comfortable even when you’re trekking in the summer heat.

All Terrain Sandals

Now that winter is over, it’s time to replace heavy waterproof walking boots with some lightweight all terrain sandals. All terrain sandals are great because they are breathable, comfortable and can be worn just about anywhere.


Equipment and Safety


Walking Poles

If you’re exploring rocky or hilly terrain with your kids, make sure they have a walking pole to their aid. This helps to maintain their balance even in the most unpredictable landscapes. Watch a walking pole tutorial on YouTube.


Sunblock or sun cream is essential for keeping your child’s skin protected from harmful UV rays. Always pack a selection of sun factors for the changing weather.


Sunglasses are not just for cool points; your kids will love wearing them but they are just as practical as they are stylish. Sunglasses will keep eyes protected from the sun so never travel without them.


Toys and Outdoor Fun


Scooters or Skateboards

If you’re in a place with flat ground, packing scooters or skateboards can be a great way of keeping your kids entertained. Visit Skatehut to find out more.

Compass Watch

Gadgets such as a compass and altimeter watch are fantastic educational devices to help your kids get to grips with navigation and outdoor exploration. This really makes them feel involved in the whole outdoor experience.


Kites are fantastic because they can be easily packed and can be used just about anywhere with an open space. They are especially fun at the beach where winds are strong. Always make sure there is adult supervision if you have young children as some kites can be very powerful.

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