Staying in Touch with Your Family While Traveling

Even when you’re half the world away, your family is still deeply thinking about you and missing you greatly. Plus, no matter how great you thought it would be to get away from them while you were travelling, the chances are that you’re missing them too. So, the question remains: how do you show them just how much you’re missing them?

Seeing as though phoning them is expensive and Skyping/Facebooking them is a little impersonal, it is wise to focus on sending them gifts. Here is how you can send presents while you’re on your travels, and how you can do it so that it doesn’t cost you a fortune:

Selecting the Right Present

Of course, when you’re sending a present, you have to select it carefully, and it isn’t as though any gift will do. It has to be clever, personal, symbolic, small and light (remember you’ll ultimately have to ship it half way around the world). You ideally want it to be something that relates to the place you are right now, so make it something that could only ever come from there. No matter how silly or small it may seem, your family will appreciate it and it shows you’re thinking of them carefully, not just grabbing something off the shelf. P.S. make sure it complies with customs regulations before you send it!

Making it Special

A present on its own, however, isn’t always enough, and it takes that little extra touch to show just how much you care. Include a postcard (or preferably a letter) to provide full details on what you’re doing, how you’re coping and how much you’re missing them. One of the downsides of Skype is that its functionality is entirely dependent on where you are at any given moment, and as such, it can be hard to make a proper connection or convey your emotions and experiences properly. So, make your present into a parcel. Include the present itself, a message on how you’re getting on and some photos. It’ll show how much they mean to you.

Making it Cost-Effective

Finally, ensure that everything you send is small and compact. Delivery companies such as TNT Direct have online calculators so you can see how much it would cost to send a parcel to a country; such as France. These are usually calculated using size and weight, so make it as small and light as possible. So, there you have it, the perfect way to connect with your family while you’re travelling without it costing a fortune.

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  1. What a GREAT idea! I totally agree. In fact I had requested someone to aquire a small stone from their travels to Ireland once and I even suggested they took a picture of themselves with the actual stone in the very location in which they aquired it to make it that much more relatable and special. And to make it less time consuming and more cost efficient I suggested they just bring it back from their travels with them. Way way better than any gift money can buy and far more meaningful and relatable in my opinion. <3

    Kimberly Johansson / Reply

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