Tips on How to Buy a Caravan

Caravans are recreational vehicle that are used to travel to rough and crude locations for camping and other recreational tours. Touring caravans as transport vehicles are more common in America and UK countries; this motor vehicle looks like a trailer and has a decent living space within, along with all the necessary amenities that are usually found in a home. The idea of buying a caravan can be followed by two purposes – one can be that you are a passionate traveller and wish to possess a caravan yourself for personal use; or else you wish to buy one to let it on rest for commercial purpose. Whatever it is – buying a caravan can be a daunting task if you are not well aware of the factors that should be essentially considered. Here is a comprehensive guide on buying a caravan:

Elect the size diligently

Once you have decided to buy a caravan the first point where you will get stuck up is the size. However, the biggest caravans serve the best purpose is just a myth. You talk to the experienced buyers and decide the best size for the caravan – also consider the factors like how frequently you will use, how many people will be travelling in it, who will be towing the vehicle, costs of fuel, servicing costs, storage area and what are the probable locations. If it’s purely for family weekend camps then a moderate to small sized caravan is just enough.

What kind of vehicle

This is the next major question. Modern caravans that are usually are very easy to tow and equipped with all the state of art amenities and backup systems. However, if you buy new caravans make sure you buy it according to the towing capacity as large ones are a bit difficult to handle. Ask your dealer to hand over the manual that has the manufacturers recommended limits as penalties are levied for rule breaches. Second hand caravan buyers will need to do some research and inspect the vehicle personally at its best before paying the cash. Go to some licensed and authorised dealer for second hand vehicles.

Decide the purpose

If you are planning sports tours with gangs with this caravan it should be spacious enough to store the sports equipment and have other necessary amenities. While if you plan family trips, a homely environment with regular necessities would be good. You have to first decide if he caravan is for you hobby or serious activity – then choose the layout for final selection.

Caravan Insurance

While you decide to buy a caravan, you will be showered with quotes and offers from various caravan insurance companies assuring of their magnificent services to safeguard your money in case of any damage or theft of the vehicle. Be very careful while you buy the insurance as it involves many details like what it covers; the premiums, the conditions and above all compare the prices with multiple insurance companies.

Number of berths needed

When you are buying a caravan, check the number of berths available and see if it caters to your requirement. Some choose a smaller caravan but complement the sleeping area with a tent or awning. You get selective choices like small families, large families and couples – so choose the right one accordingly. There are many more points that should be considered like the servicing rules offered by your dealer, how many spare parts you will be provided, compare the cost with other companies and dealers, go through the amenities minutely and check the manufacturing quality. It is always advisable to take an experienced person with you while you plan to buy a caravan.

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