The Strain Official Reports of Paranormal Sightings in the UK

The fascination with the supernatural is one that comes in many forms but has endured throughout history across all cultures. When a paranormal activity is reported, it’s met with skepticism and even ridicule at times. When one considers the ramifications of these reports being real it becomes even more frightening to think the skepticism is actually a concerted effort to conceal the truth.


The Strain Report


The Strain Report was a study commissioned to examine all these reported incidents and the results were quite alarming. Well, actually it was part of the promotion for the new series, The Strain, which is a vampire horror TV series set in New York and based on the book trilogy of the same name. When a mysterious plane lands in New York, the CDC is called to the scene and inside the plane they discover all passengers are dead except for four people including the pilot but none can recollect what occurred.  They discover a terrible parasite, which sparks immediate concerns of an unknown outbreak they couldn’t possibly contain.


These fears are confirmed, albeit in an unusual manner, when Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, the leader of the CDC team that found the plane, is implored by an elderly man to burn all the corpses. What Dr. Goodweather doesn’t know is that this is all part of a plot concocted by the Master, the youngest of seven ancient beings, to spread a virus turning New York into a vampire haven as his first step for world dominance.


I’ve been very late to get into the show, which premiered in July on FX in the U.S. Each season will have 13 episodes each so that means the season finale in the U.S. will be in less than 2 weeks but in the U.K. it just premiered on September 17th on the entertainment channel Watch. The show was actually brought to my attention because of the Strain comic book, published by Dark Horse Comics, and takes place 2 years after the original events in New York covered in the TV show. It’s only 2 issues in but it’s been so engrossing that I’m now committed to watching the show.


The Strain

A still taken from the hit series the Strain in the U.S.

The Master’s plan has already been put in motion in New York but since his goal is world dominance the U.K. will be next. Or has a plan already been set in motion in the U.K.? You be the judge after looking at the results from the Strain Report:


Paranormal Sightings in the UK


Over 11,204 reports of paranormal activity were filed over the last century with sightings of general ghosts and phantoms being the most commonly reported in the UK. Yorkshire was found to have the most reported cases of spooky goings-on with 615 sightings of the unexplained, followed closely by London (567), Lancashire (511), Essex (475) and Sussex (417).


Official reports of paranormal sightings in the UK in the past 100 years:

Human form ghosts
Road Phantoms/ River Phantoms 2411
Strange sounds 1384
Animal ghosts 900
Poltergeists 852
Crisis phenomena 533
Vampires 211
Big cats 97
Werewolves  68
Monsters and other mythical creatures  37

In Scotland, 1,154 sightings of supernatural occurrences have been recorded with the most situated in the Highlands (187) followed by Lothian (172). While in Wales only 559 reports have been noted with most cases in Dyfed (112) and Clwyd (103). Northern Ireland recorded the fewest overall sightings with only 169 reports filed.


Vampire Sightings in the UK


In comparison to Transylvania, the home of Dracula, with only eight accounts of reported sightings over the last 100 years, there have been 211 reported cases of vampire encounters in the UK, equating to two vampire sightings a year. One of the most well-known sightings occurred in January of 2005 with reports of a vampire appearing in Glen Park Road, Saltley and Small Heath, attacking a pedestrian. Neighbours came to his aid and drove it off (see Notes to Editors for details). The most sightings of vampires have occurred in Yorkshire (11) and Lancashire (11), followed closely by Essex (10) and Devon (9).


The Strain Vampire

Master Vampire from the FX series the Strain

These research statistics are based on well over fifty years of our own professional investigative experience, extensive archives, police reports and widely accessible external data.  These reported sightings and other types of witnesses’ experiences go back for a century. -Lionel Fanthorpe, Paranormal Expert

Our research and investigation has suggested that the UK harbours more vampires than Transylvania and that certain areas of Britain may be referred to as ‘horror hotspots’ not solely because of their vampire reports but also because of the number of reports of general paranormal phenomena emanating from them


One really interesting element of the research shows that our visions of vampires and ghosts are evolving over time. For example, recent sightings are less likely to be the cloaked figures of old Hollywood films and far more likely to be a modern interpretation like the type of creature shown in The Strain.”


The study reveals that some areas are much more prone to supernatural activity than others, with Yorkshire being the most likely place you will come in contact with paranormal beings such as ghosts and phantoms, poltergeist, werewolves and vampires.


Top ten UK paranormal and vampire hotspots:

Horror Hotspots Total Phenomena Reported Vampires reported
Yorkshire 615 11
London 567 5
Lancashire 511 11
Essex 475 10
Sussex 417 8
Devonshire 392 9
Suffolk 389 7
Dorset 386 8
Somerset 375 7
Wiltshire 369 6
Norfolk 345 6

 The Strain

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