Nerdtabulous Recipe: Dracula Denture Cookies

I’m not sure how this happened, but it’s October already, which that means Halloween is only a few short weeks away. It also means that as the weather gets cooler, it’s officially acceptable to be eating a regular diet of comfort food, including this gooey, sugary Dracula recipe deliciousness.

Dracula Denture Cookies for Halloween

They’re fang-tastic (I couldn’t help it.)

Let me start by saying that although I’m proud of my skills in the kitchen, I am not a particularly crafty person. I’m forever pinning recipes that look like they’d be a whole lot of fun if only I had 27 hours to spend baking and frosting.

When I saw these adorable Dracula Denture cookies, my first thought was, “Yes. Simple Halloween treats that will make you look like a rock star.” And ladies & gents, let me tell you…if I can do it you can too.

Dracula Denture Cookies for Halloween

Dracula Dentures originally came from Lori Fillmore and took 2nd place in the Nestle 2010 Spooktacular Baking Contest. Definitely a recipe you can sink your teeth into (please excuse the horrible pun). I did make a few modifications but you can really take whatever liberties you want.

This Dracula recipe can be as easy or complicated as you want to make it. If your baking skills are superior to mine (and there’s a 94% chance that they are), go ahead and whip up a batch of your favorite homemade cookies to start with. Heck, go crazy and make some frosting from scratch, too. I’ve heard of mythical domestic goddesses like you, and my hat is off.

Dracula Denture Cookies for Halloween

Or if you’re like me, and prefer the pre-packaged ingredients…

Dracula Recipe Dracula Denture Cookies


  • 1 package (18.25 ounces) refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough or your favorite cookie recipe*
  • 1/2 cup of your favorite white frosting
  • Red food coloring
  • 1 3/4 cup miniature marshmallows
  • 1 small package slivered almonds

*My version is made with Pillsbury Molten Fudge, because – HELLO, molten fudge – and cream cheese frosting. The original recipe calls for vanilla.


  1. Prepare cookies according to the directions on the package or according to your favorite cookie recipe.
  2. Let cookies cool to room temperature. While cookies are cooling, mix the white frosting with red food coloring.
  3. Cut all cookies in half and frost the bottoms.
  4. Place 6 mini marshmallows around the curved edge of one half and set the other half on top. You may need to add an extra marshmallow in the back for support.
  5. Insert 2 almost slivers in between the front teeth for fangs. If the slivers don’t want to adhere, dip in a little frosting.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant. What a fantastic idea and they look terrific. My kids will love these (as will I, of course…)

    Sarah Ebner / Reply

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