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We’re bringing you the Dracula Untold trailer and our bite on the new film. Ever since Bram Stoker’s original story, there have been many incarnations of Dracula but the upcoming movie promises to be a previously untold tale of the most influential vampire because of…well, because of its name. Dracula Untold is the latest feature film bearing the Count’s name based on Bram Stoker’s tale of Count Dracula set during the obscure early years of his life when he led troops against the Turks.

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A Look at Dracula Untold

Starring Luke Evans as Dracula, who also plays Bard in the Hobbit movies, he finds the odds increase against him and his family as he’s forced to take drastic action to protect them. He travels after hearing rumors about a power that could help him defend his family and defeat the Turks but it comes at a terrible cost. He has to drink the blood of Caligula, and the powers he acquires as a result are pretty badass as shown in the trailer. Yet it changes him in more ways than he expected, and not just in terms of giving him incredible powers but averse to sunlight, a disappearing reflection, and a blood lust that puts those closest to him in danger of being bitten.

Dracula Untold Hits Theaters October 10, 2014

My Take of the Movie

Now, I’m not one that has to run out and see every vampire movie made because I’ve seen plenty of them throughout my life. However, the first time I saw the trailer for Dracula Untold I knew I wanted to see this movie. A story about Dracula searching for power to protect his family and becoming THE vampire is an interesting angle. And honestly, the action just looks incredible to me, and Luke Evans looks like he’s capable of pulling off the indignation about the demands on his family as well as the formidable will to do what’s necessary to protect them while becoming a threat to others. There’s something about epic battles that draws me in, so I can see myself enjoying this similar to how I’ve enjoyed the Underworld series. With the release date moved up one week to October 10th, the wait won’t be that long now. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think:

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