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Kid’s Corner is written by the Little Fairytale Traveler, the world’s youngest junior travel blogger at five years old. The “Little” is bringing his adventurous highlights to children around the globe, sharing cool things kids love about hotels, destinations and travel gear while teaching the importance of travel, culture, and the power of writing.

The Little with his new Little Passports subscription.

The Little with his new Little Passports subscription.

Make Traveling Easy with Little Passports

With school out for summer, Little Passports is sharing some great tips for traveling with little ones. If you are dreading long travel hours check out Little Passports‘ simple checklist of helpful ideas to help get you stress-free traveling and cool stuff to entertain kids.







Little Passports Product Review

Oh my gosh! I was so excited to have a big box in the mail when we got home. I couldn’t wait to open it! My mom always gets the mail, but I never, ever get any, so it was totally cool. This was so big! I got a whole entire suitcase for all my cool Little Passports stuff! Inside there was a little passport, stickers, a game, a boarding pass, and a huge map! I love maps so much! I hung it on my wall and now I can look to see all the places I want to go.











Every month I get cool stuff in the mail for my suitcase! I get to watch Sofia and Sam travel around the world and get ideas on where I want to go next! This is so cool. It’s epic! I can’t wait to show all my friends! Little Passports Get a Little Fairytale Traveler “High-Five”!


Sign up for a 3 or 6 month subscription (USA or World Edition) for just $13.95! and kids will enjoy taking a break from the TV to explore the world from the comfort of anywhere.

 Fun Travel Tips from Little Passports

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Education with Value Little Passports is a learning concept for kids who love travel. The Little Fairytale Traveler based this review on engagement, exciting features, functionality and value. The Little really enjoyed opening this package, it held his interest and he was excited to learn about the new places.
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  1. What a cool thing for wee ones! Can’t wait for my little one to be big enough to get involved like this.

    SJ @ Chasing the Donkey / Reply

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