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The Little Fairytale Traveler Report

The Sea View House Gets a High Five for Kid Friendly Lodging in Doolin

Hi, I’m the Little Fairytale Traveler and I love telling kids all the cool kid stuff about my adventures! On this day we visited the Irish village of Doolin in Co Clare, Ireland along the Wild Atlantic Way and next to the Cliffs of Moher, where we got to stay at the Sea View House.

The view of Doolin Village from our room. Yes, that's the tiniest village! You can walk to dinner and enjoy traditional Irish music in the pub. It's perfect!

The view of Doolin Village from our room. Yes, that’s the tiniest village! You can walk to dinner and enjoy traditional Irish music in the pub. It’s perfect!

The Little Fairytale Traveler Report

The Little Playing with Lucy at the Sea View House.

The Little Playing with Lucy at the Sea View House.


I really loved the view from the Sea View House. I got to see the whole entire town, a castle, hills, farm animals, and the ocean -all from the front porch!


We went on an adventure and walked down the hill to explore the water. I climbed giant rocks and got to pick up small ones and put them in my pocket. I found one for my Aunt Sissy back in the States! There even was a bunch of stuff to do near the Sea View House like visit the Cliffs of Moher and go into the Doolin Caves.


Inside the Sea View House there was a big telescope. I could see far, far, away. There was a cute little fireplace in the living room, I love fireplaces! I really liked Lucy, that’s Mr. Niall and Mrs. Darra’s dog.  She always ran back and forth in the driveway and I thought it was funny. I got to have my very own room here! That never happens. I had my own t.v. and everything! My favorite part of the Sea View House was walking down the hill with the owner’s son and collecting eggs from the chicken house.

The Sea View House gets a Little Fairytale Traveler High Five and I can’t wait to go back!

For more info on kid friendly lodging in Doolin at the Sea View House click here!



Here's me and my best Bugs hopping rocks!

Here are me and my best Bugs hopping rocks!

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  1. Looks like a great place to bring kids!

    culturalxplorer / Reply
  2. Hi Little Fairytale Traveler, I enjoyed reading your review. The Sea View House seems like pretty awesome place to stay in Doolin – how often do you get to collect farm eggs when staying in a hotel?! Now, that’s cool! And high five for having your own room (with your own TV!).

    frankaboutcroatia / Reply
    • I called him over to read his first “fan mail” he’s been talking about this the whole way home… This is from him: Hi, thanks for being my new friend! I never got eggs anywhere before, it was cool. I love Ireland, it’s the best. Different countries are cool. When we were there, there was snow on the mountains. I love the hotels and castles and all the mountains. And the sheep are cute too!” -The “Little”

  3. Ah! I love that you have your son blogging and globetrotting already 😀 Great write up. It does seem like a good place for the little ones. Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler!

    • Thank you Adelina, I’m just figuring the whole link-up thing out. I’m telling you, ya learn something new everyday in this world. I’m going to try and get the jest of it this Sunday for sure. Thanks for the kind words 😉

  4. Oohhhhhhh how, did he get so damn cute? I love that he got his own room!! I wanna come on trips with you both to get my own room too! Such the little thinker in the hard-hat photos, so sweet!

    SJ @ Chasing the Donkey / Reply

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