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Wild West Style at Virgil’s Corner Bed & Breakfast

You can almost hear the score to Wyatt Earp as you roll up to Virgil’s Corner Bed & Breakfast -as if Doc Holliday himself is going to come gunning around the corner at any moment. So, it seemed like the perfect place to spend a night while exploring America’s Frontier in Tombstone, AZ. It was here that I traveled back to a time where cowboys were rock stars and the only thing stopping them from their next big score was a trigger -to a place where the legacy of the Wild West lives on.

The Fairytale Traveler Report:

Virgil’s Corner Bed & Breakfast was built on property once owned by the legendary Earp family and offers a perfect blend of antiques and decor from the old frontier days combined with the modern comforts the discriminating traveler has come to expect. Just a 5-minute walk from the famous Allen Street where all the fortune seekers and outlaws congregate.

Each of the 4 guest suites is uniquely decorated and some even have the coveted claw-foot tub; I can’t think of a better way to wash away all of the day’s dust and gunpowder than a relaxing wash.

Name: Virgil’s Corner Bed & Breakfast
Website: http://virgilscorner.com
Address: 97 East Fremont Street, Tombstone, AZ 85638
Phone:(520) 548-1025

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