Introducing the Little Fairytale Traveler

Bedtime Stories to Real Adventures

From the Window Seat of the Little Fairytale Traveler

The Little Fairytale Traveler 11

At St. Augustine’s Pirate and Treasure Museum

I started this journey for one reason. Not to make money. Not to travel for free. Not for the perks (although the perks never hurt). I started this journey to enrich my little boy’s life with culture, heritage, and the idea that if you hold on to what you are truly passionate about, you really can be a part of it, and make it your life’s work. I wanted to build something for him to grow up with, something he could be proud of, something that would be beyond the wildest dreams of the average five-year-old.

The Little Fairytale Traveler 2

At Medieval Village, Medieval Times Orlando, Florida

What better way to connect with your child than through your love affair with fairy tales?

I have been traveling with my son since he was six months old when I took him on his first flight to Las Vegas in 2009. He began learning to hike mountains and scale large rocks at three years of age. Now at five, he is beginning to learn how to scuba dive. In spite of his adventurous spirit, and no matter how fast he seems to grow and evolve into this intrepid, courageous child, he still loves that bedtime story at night.

The Little Fairytale Traveler 7

At the historic cemetery of Salem, Massachusetts after painting his own face.

The stories I read him are among the greatest stories ever told. From American folklore to Irish legends, Norse mythology, and the Brothers Grimm -I pride myself on creating this platform for him to imagine an enchanting world of wonder, a world where rainbows make bridges, where trolls chase princesses, and where fairies grant your deepest wishes.

The Little Fairytale Traveler 8

Looking out into the Atlantic Ocean from the Gloucester Castle in Massachusetts.

Mom, when do we get to go to the steps, so that I can make it to the top and the fairies will grant me one wish? I’m going to wish for all my wishes to come true!”

-The Little Fairytale Traveler on the Beetham Fairy Steps in Cumbria, UK

The biggest, most fulfilling moment in my day is being able to tell him that we are heading to a place that he heard about in books, or saw in a Disney movie. Seeing that sparkle in his eyes as he skips about the room, and hearing the anticipation in his heart as he counts down the days until a trip is a reason I work so very hard at what I do.

Introducing the Little Fairytale Traveler

The Little Fairytale Traveler 6

“I painted my own face mom, I’m a cat” On a cruise in Salem Sound.

Now that my son is five years old, I feel that he is ready to be a part of this journey in more ways than just being by my side. He’s ready to be a bigger part of the Fairytale Traveler, in pictures, video, and speaking directly to a new audience of children. So, with that in mind, I would like to formally introduce to you the Little Fairytale Traveler.

The Little Fairytale Traveler 9

In the cockpit of an Air Tran aircraft on one of our trips.

We travel together to places of folklore, legend, and mythology. His mission is to teach other children about the world and its adventures, through new fairy tales that we find, and the books we grew up on, books that shaped the imaginations of our parents, their parents, and generations before that for hundreds of years. We want to bring you the opportunity to see the world through a child’s eyes as you continue to join us on our fairytale travels.

The Future of The Fairytale Traveler

The Little Fairytale Traveler 3

Exploring the glass bottom boats of Silver Springs, the mythical, magical springs of Florida’s Ocala National Forest.

The Little Fairytale Traveler’s take on our adventures can be found in theKid’s Corner. As well as his reflections on our travels, you can also find his current bedtime stories, favorite fairytale movies, links to Youtube video, and photos.

Coming Up:

The Little Fairytale Traveler 4

At the mythical, magical Juniper Springs in the Ocala National Forest in Florida.

It’s just 12 days until we explore the Wild Atlantic coast of Ireland, including castle hotels, the Burren, and its relationship to J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, the Dingle Peninsula, the Wicklow Mountains, County Meath, and Dublin.

If you haven’t already picked up your copy of FAE Magazine to see the Fairytale Traveler’s debut column, get it here! You can also see more from Christa Thompson in her travel column “Christa’s Corner” in the Hotel Guide.

The Little Fairytale Traveler 10

In the end, he’s still just a regular little boy, nunchucks, and all.

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  1. Love the ‘Cat’ face… 🙂

    Dovess777 / Reply
  2. Well, that’s fantastic. Awesome to know more about your family. My son is 7 and he definitely plays a prominent role in our travels. He is getting to experience some amazing adventures.

    Trips By Lance / Reply
  3. Hey Christa x loved the cat face paint and I have a big imagination and one day I hope to have a castle of blue and white in the clouds. I am 23 , but on the inside I am like Peter pan and I never ever will grow up. Your life has inspired to live mine to the fullest regardless of what people think it say. I am my imagination and my imagination is me. So thanks x

    Stephanie eccleston / Reply

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