Ezekial Bone Knows Robin Hood, a Tour of Nottingham

Nottingham is notably at the heart of the Robin Hood legend. This is where his arch-enemy the “Sheriff” held a seat at Nottingham Castle, where he was captured and then rescued by “Little John” and  where his legacy lives on today. No one knows these legends better than Ezekial Bone, actor and tour extraordinaire of the, “Robin Hood Town Tour”, in Nottingham.


Ezekial Bone as Robin Hood

Ezekial Bone as Robin Hood

Now a cosmopolitan city, Nottingham still has many elements of medieval times. I met up with the great Ezekial Bone as Robin Hood to explore this stunning town and follow the Robin Hood Trail.  I had loads of questions and he had loads of answers. Still, I can’t help but wonder, “Was Robin Hood really this hot or is it just Ezekial Bone?”

With Ezekial Bone as Robin Hood at the Malt Cross Pub in Nottingham

With Ezekial Bone as Robin Hood at the Malt Cross Pub in Nottingham

During our wanderings we stopped at a few key places that played a role in the Robin hood legend (which somehow managed to include a pub crawl). Nottingham is one of those places where the fairytale lives on today. Finding destinations like these, and walking in the shadows of the greatest stories ever told is the very reason I started writing The Fairytale Traveler. Nottingham is a true Fairytale Destination, a place where legends can live on in our hearts and minds forever.

To see what we were up to, check out our videos here.

Ezekiel Bone as Robin Hood

Ezekiel Bone as Robin Hood

Points of interest include:

The Robin Hood Town Tour by Ezekial Bone (of course)

Nottingham Castle

St. Mary’s Church

Shire Hall

Nottingham Caves

Ye Old Trip  to Jerusalem



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