Newark Castle On the Robin Hood Trail Nottinghamshire, UK

Just outside the shadows and sunbeams of the Sherwood Forest lies Newark Castle ruins, a medieval fortress that played a large role in the Legend of Robin Hood.
Newark Castle was held under siege numerous times during the civil war, and as a result was partially destroyed. Situated on the River Trent, these peaceful and eloquent grounds are where the corrupt King John (known as Prince John in the Robin Hood Legends) died in 1216.

From the castle gatehouse by Christa Thompson

From the castle gatehouse by Christa Thompson

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King John, brother of the brave and loyal Richard the Lionheart, was an evil and corrupt man who used power to steal wealth while peasants starved and died. Local legend has it that Prince John’s death was at the hand of Robin Hood’s Merry Men. Robin Hood’s efforts to restore justice and proper order against Prince John by stealing from the rich to give to the poor have become the highlights of the Robin Hood Legend.

Newark Castle by Christa Thompson

Newark Castle by Christa Thompson

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The grounds of the Newark Castle are meticulously maintained. The ruins stand towering over flowers, a lush green lawn and the River Trent. Inside the castle is the undercroft where, you can learn some of the castle’s history and see a display relative to life during medieval times. From there exit to the back lawn for a stunning view of this stronghold from the River Trent. For the best view climb the stone spiral staircase to the castle’s gatehouse.

From the castle gatehouse by Christa Thompson

From the castle gatehouse by Christa Thompson

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