Fairytale Festival, the Sarasota Medieval Fair Florida, USA

Fairies welcome…

The Faire Fae by Christa Thompson

The Faire Fae by Christa Thompson

This past weekend I grabbed a turkey leg and joined King Edward III for the 10th anniversary of the Sarasota Medieval Fair. The event runs every weekend through November 24th and is showcasing a new line-up of nationally renowned acts for each weekend.

Click here to go to the Sarasota Medieval Fair site

Maybe it’s the hand-crafting artisans or the gathering of fairies and knights all in the same place, but I love Medieval Festivals! The Sarasota Medieval Fair has a great line up for this year:


Cast in Bronze

The Washing Well Wenches

Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Human Combat Chess Match and

Theatrical and Full Contact Jousting

For a complete list of performances click here

(Make sure you see the Washing Well Wenches, they are an absolute trip)!

by Christa Thompson

by Christa Thompson

This is an event for the whole family. Go in costume or in street clothes, anything goes! Loads of beer, bagpipes and knights in shining armor.

Check back for my post on Human Combat Chess!

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  1. great fairy costume

    monicasicoe / Reply
  2. Love Renaissance Fairs! There’s a great one here in Plantersville, Texas every fall. I think it’s still going on until the Thanksgiving Day weekend.

    Gaming Guy / Reply

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