A Night at Fisher’s Hotel for the Enchanted Forest Pitlochry, Scotland

Hospitality can not be taught…

Fisher’s gets the seal of approval from The Fairytale Traveler

photo by Fisher's Hotel

photo by Fisher’s Hotel

Thinking of heading to Pitlochry for the 2014 Enchanted Forest event, Scotland’s #1 Cultural Event of the Year? Then think Fisher’s Hotel. During my visit from sunny Florida to the rainy highlands of Scotland, I decided to stay here. Mainly in part because of its location in Pitlochry, and also because this is where they shuttle you to the Enchanted Forest which, is situated in the Faskally Wood near town.

Fisher’s Hotel is a small 19th century property in the heart of Pitlochry. Recently purchased by two highly experienced hoteliers, Mr Fionn MacCumhaill, Managing Director of The Atholl Palace and Mr Jim Staunton, a former Director of the Atholl Palace, they have made it their mission to build its reputation on hospitality. So far I would have to say they are right on target.

by Christa Thompson

by Christa Thompson

My room was clean, well arranged and furnished. The in suite amenities were perfect. I am fairly certain I ate more of those delicious cookies than I should have… Mr. Kieran Whyte was kind enough to send me to my room with some fruits and water, he knew I had been traveling all day from Manchester, England, it was incredibly thoughtful of him.

by Christa Thompson

by Christa Thompson

I had a little time before the event so I made my way to the hotel pub where, I had a zero calorie appetizer of fried brie and for dinner (another zero calorie) baked potato topped with mac n cheese. WHOA!!! Let me tell you about the Scots, much like the Irish, they like to feed you, and feed you, and feeeeeed you until you pop… then they are done and smiling.

The view, by Christa Thompson

The view, by Christa Thompson

I love Scotland, and I love Scots. The entire experience at Fisher’s Hotel was great. The team was fantastic. As I have said many times, hospitality is not something you can teach, it’s not about going the extra mile because your boss tells you to, it’s about going the extra mile because you can’t wait to. Well done Fisher’s Hotel. Thank you.

Click here for a behind the scenes look at me getting spooked in the hallways of the Fisher’s Hotel

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