Larry Beau Bites Hearts at the Bram Stoker Festival, Dublin

A true Irish entertainer…

By The Fairytale Traveler’s contributing author, Ed Mooney

photo by Ed Mooney

photo by Ed Mooney

Dublin’s Bram Stoker Festival was a hit! If you haven’t had the chance to experience the journey with Ed Mooney, you can check it out here:

The Vampire Hunt


The Countess Dracula Performance 

After the trauma of the Vampire Hunt, it was in Barnardo Square where I found peace in the form of the wandering minstrel of Larry Beau and his able sidekicks. The rain was lashing as they belted out a medley of infectious original songs that carried a strong Classic-Gothic influence. It was dark, it was romantic, and it was just what the Bram Stoker Festival needed. I was captivated.

photo by Ed Mooney

photo by Ed Mooney

Larry Beau, or Declan Burke as he is known to some, appears as a stray from Victorian times. His music is melodic and catchy. Once the heavy rain broke and the crowds re-appeared, the influence of his music took stage. A true Irish entertainer with a voice that required no microphone or amplifier, just an acoustic guitar and his trusty sidekicks commanding a captivated audience. Larry kept the spectators in his grasp from start to finish.

photo by Ed Mooney

photo by Ed Mooney

This is not Larry’s first outing, he has already released three albums to critical acclaim. As for the name, “Larry Beau is a character who is half fool, hence the ‘Larry’, and half romantic, hence ‘Beau’, French for handsome. Most memorable (and still stuck in my head even a week after), are the tunes, Give Alms for Imeall and Save me from Apathy.
photo by Ed Mooney

photo by Ed Mooney

This music whilst having an implied air of classic horror is a like a breath of fresh air on the Irish music scene. No doubt, this is not the last time we shall hear of this fine wandering minstrel.

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  2. I don’t get the chills like from the story of the countess but the combination of a storyteller and a great photographer wow no words for it.

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