A Night at the Portland Harbor Hotel, Maine

Big luxury little hotel…

Exterior of the Portland Harbor Hotel

Exterior of the Portland Harbor Hotel

If you’re thinking of Portland, Maine then think Portland Harbor Hotel. The good folks over there were nice enough to have me for a night during my 5 day road trip through New England. I couldn’t of had a better place to stay in Portland. A small, cozy and luxurious hotel with all the amenities of a big luxury property centrally located in the Old Port District, this place has it all.

A night with Portland Harbor Hotel:

Inside of the Portland Harbor Hotel

Inside of the Portland Harbor Hotel

As I approached the corner of Fore Street I was breathing a sigh of relief, from the outside this place looked like a place I could refer people to. Now just to see what was going on inside.

A grand staircase led me up to the lobby level where I was greeted with smiles and immediate attention. I was tickled pink to see the fireplace a blaze, having just left the Portland Land & Sea Tour, I was freezing! Everything about this place was warm and inviting. The concierge was abundantly helpful and even went as far as to print detailed historic data for me to help me with my work.

I was delighted when I opened the door to my suite. Hardwood floors and a pristine well furnished room with a bed made for a king bearing a tray of cheeses, fruits and sparkling water. WOW! How thoughtful of them to send in room amenities, I was really impressed….and hungry.

The hotel was so thoughtful so send up in room amenities. It's as if they read my mind... yum! By Christa Thompson

The hotel was so thoughtful so send up in room amenities. It’s as if they read my mind… yum! By Christa Thompson

My view overlooked the charming softly-lit garden terrace below, it was perfect. As I looked down I heard a voice, it was a member of the hotel staff inviting us to a garden party in a few hours. Feeling welcomed, comfortable and full, I was ready to take a hot shower and get out to explore this city at night.

The Garden Terrace of the Portland Harbor Hotel

The Garden Terrace of the Portland Harbor Hotel

There is no better place than the Portland Harbor Hotel if you’re heading to Portland. Friendly staff, beautiful property and conveniently located in the center of everything, this is where you want to be.

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