Wicked Fairytale Destination, Salem, MA

Explore the history behind the legends…

From hanging witches to hanging out with witches!

Pieces of Salem, photo by Christa Thompson

Pieces of Salem, photo by Christa Thompson

If you like adventure, history and Halloween, then Salem, Massachusetts is your Halloween destination for the Northeastern United States. Salem is rich with history, and they are serious about sharing it with their visitors. Last week, The Fairytale Traveler was fortunate enough to explore Salem, its city, waterfront, and history… and we even had the pleasure of meeting Frankenstein!

From Hanging Witches to Hanging Out with Witches

My oh my, would Judge Hathorne, (known as the ‘Hanging Judge’), be fit to be tied if he knew that Salem may very well be the witch capital of the USA. Everywhere you turn there seems to be a ‘magic shop’ where you can purchase potions and herbs, or a ‘wand crafting shop’ where you can get your very own magic wand. Mediums and psychics are not hard to find either. Now I have heard that Salem is a bit of a tourist trap, but when you look into its past, here lies a city that has taken a tragedy, and turned it into a telling of history. I say, join the tour, have some fun, and learn the truth behind the legends of the Salem Witch Trials.

photo by Christa Thompson

photo by Christa Thompson

Salem is a relatively small city along the Atlantic Coast, but small in that perfect way; where everything you want to see and do is within walking distance. It is a place that you can bring your kids, to learn about one of the most unfortunate accounts of the wrongly accused and convicted people in American history -a place your kids won’t roll their eyes at you for dragging them to.

photo by Bcgavel.com

photo by Bcgavel.com

The city’s stunning Colonial style architecture with, colorful fall kissed leaves by day, and haunting tales by night make this a perfect destination for fall.” -The Fairytale Traveler

Pieces of Salem, photo by Christa Thompson

Pieces of Salem, photo by Christa Thompson

During the Halloween season, Salem transforms into one of the best Halloween attraction cities in the US. I say this because it doesn’t only boast one or two Halloween events, it runs an entire month of Haunted Happenings all throughout the city, with events and attractions for every age group. It’s like Halloween Funtown USA.

photo by Boston.com

photo by Boston.com

Here are The Fairytale Traveler’s Top 5 Salem Fairytale Attractions:

Count Orlock’s Nightmare Gallery, open all year

Candlelit Ghostly Tour, open all year

Witch Dungeon Museum, open all year

Mahi Mahi Huanted Cruise, (open all year, legends and haunts told during Halloween season)

Witch Trials Memorial, open all year

Historic Cemeteries: Old Burying Point on Charter Street, Howard Street Cemetery, Broad Street Cemetery

I really enjoyed my time in Salem, MA. The weather was perfect, the streets weren’t terribly crowded (it was a Monday), and the Haunted Happenings were right on par with awesome things to do for Halloween. My recommendation, make Salem your Halloween destination for 2014.

The "Bewitched" statue in the center of Salem, MA, photo by Christa Thompson

The “Bewitched” statue in the center of Salem, MA, photo by Christa Thompson

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