A Monster a Day, the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland

The legendary monster of the deep…

By The Fairytale Traveler’s contributing author, Christy Jackson Nicholas

Famous surgeons photo of Nessie 1934 hulton-archivegetty images

Famous surgeons photo of Nessie 1934 hulton-archivegetty images

The Loch Ness Monster, or ‘Nessie’, is probably the most famous of legends in Scotland. She was first sighted by Saint Columba in the 6th century. It is said that St. Columbia made the sign of the cross to keep the creature from killing him.

The monster lay dormant for centuries and emerged again in the 1930s. Old Nessie has since been a tourist magnet for Loch Ness ever since.

Speculation on what this creature really is has run the course from being a surviving dinosaur to a hidden time vortex below the lake. Many photographs (often proved to be fakes) have portrayed this creature to have a long, slender neck and humps that rise above the surface of the loch.

Nessie replica in Scotland. Česky: Lochneská n...

Loch Ness is long, narrow, and surrounded by mountains. Its deep black water makes visibility poor in the best of times. Although many expeditions have been launched to prove that the Loch Ness Monster does indeed exist, none have succeeded to date.

Loch Ness Castle, Castle Urquhart photo from Rebeccarecommends.com

Loch Ness Castle, Castle Urquhart photo from Rebeccarecommends.com

If you’re thinking of a visit to Loch Ness, check out the Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition Experience

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